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Smarter than a fifth grader?
Or smarter than the guys down at the pub?
This your chance to prove that you are.

Random General Trivia

Image: Random trivia questions on all subjects

Learn something new. Take a quiz with 20 random questions from our large database of general knowledge quizzes.

These 20 trivia questions are renewed every time you start over. Challenge friends and family with this general quiz.

Mixed Pub Quiz

Image: Mixed pub quiz - questions on all subjects

Prepare to enjoy a Pub Quiz night with this general knowledge quiz with questions and answers!

It is easy to become a quiz master with our knowledge quizzes. They are neither too easy, nor too hard, just a medium-level mix.

General Knowledge

Image: general knowledge quiz

Prove you are smarter than your friends. This general knowledge test covers all kinds of different subjects.

This quiz will help to expand your general knowledge and is a good way to challenge memory and attention.

Sports Quiz

Image: Sports trivia quiz

This knowledge quiz contains 10 questions about popular sports. It covers the Olympics, sports terminology, famous athletes, and more...

Like all our quizzes, it is very easy and intuitive to use. For more sports questions, take the general knowledge quiz above.

Famous Landmarks - USA

Image: History trivia quiz

United States is rich with famous landmarks. Check out this quick quiz for some of the top tourist attractions and popular destinations in USA.

Perhaps you have already visited some of them; others may be on your bucket list and experiences to come.

Are You a Real Globetrotter?

Image: Geography trivia quiz

Test your knowledge of Earth, countries, famous landmarks, flags, world leaders and more with this random geography quiz.

You can take this great geo quiz several times. It is created from a large pool of trivia questions abot geography.

Kings and Queens Trivia Quiz

 with 10 Questions

Do you think you know World monarchies better than just about anyone? Take this quiz and find out.

It is a royal challenge. Can you do better than your friends, and family?

History Quiz

Image: History trivia quiz

10 history quiz questions about legendary persons, events, and countries. Can you answer all trivia questions correctly?

Play now to challenge your friends and family, and see how you stack up to the competition. It is easy and fun.

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New questions are added on a regular basis!

Random Music Trivia

Random Music Trivia Quiz at Quizagogo

How much do you remember about the music and popular artists from the past 10 years?

This is a challenge for both young and old.

Oscars - Random Questions

Image: Random trivia questions on Academy Award winners

How much of a movie nerd are you? This set covers more than 80 years of Oscar winners.

Academy Award winners are a popular subject on many pub quiz nights.

Can You Identify the Songs?

Can You Identify the Songs?

Do you recognize these song snippets of pop songs from the last decade? 10 easy music trivia quiz questions for you.

How many of them do you recognize? Challenge your friends. Can they do better than you?