Mixed Pub Quiz - Question 1 of 20

1. What company uses this slogan: Just do it?


Mixed Pub Quiz

Do you want to win a real bar or pub quiz? Well, you can. Basically, anyone can do it.

The first thing to remember is that not all pub quizzes are the same. Visit some different pubs or bars. Find out which one asks the easiest questions (just because you think they are easy, doesn't mean that everyone does). Size up your competition and make sure prizes make it worth your time.

Most say that you can't prepare for a pub quiz, since you won't know what will come up. Trying to learn facts is just a waste of time. There is a bit of truth in that, but if you are serious about winning a pub quiz, a part of your preparation is to take a close look at the questions your quiz maker prepares.

He or she is likely to use and re-use to the same kind of items. If there is a question about an Oscar winner one week, another one is likely to show a few weeks later. If there is a question about the local soccer team, expect more soccer questions further on. I am sure you get the idea.

Quiz makers dig into their own knowledge and mix it up with what they read in the newspaper or online. Each quiz offers a glimpse of the person behind it. By understanding that person, you will get an edge over your competition. If you share some of that person's interests, even better.

What if questions aren't up your alley? What if the quiz maker's interests are lightyears away from your own? Don't be afraid to move on. After all, being serious about winning is one thing, beating yourself up about it another.