Most Common Signs

Knowing and understanding the meaning of the most common road signs are a must for your DMV permit or Driver License written test. In addition to the most common road signs found in your state's official driver handbook or driver's manual, you are supposed to know and act correctly to any traffic signs or signals you encounter during the road test.

But you shouldn't just know road signs because of your license examination. You should know all signs for your own and everybody's safety on the road. A mistake in traffic just because you didn't understand the meaning of a sign or control device may result in a fine or a serious accident.

Most teenagers with no driving experience have difficulties with the universal language of road signs. As an example, many teenagers fail to distinguish between warning and regulatory signs. They also fail to recognize proper actions to take when they see some warning signs.

That is why Quiz-A-Go-Go has put together this quiz. On the quiz, you will be asked about some of the most common signs that every driver should know.

Do you recognize all of them? Can you hit a perfect score of 100%?