Most Difficult Signs - Question 1 of 20

1. You approach a stop sign with this supplemental plaque. Another vehicle is approaching from the left. Who must yield?


Most Difficult Signs

Many licensed drivers in United States fail to recognize the meanings of some of the common road signs they see every day. In some cases, it also means that licensed drivers would fail their license knowledge test, if they were forced to re-take the exam.

Teenagers with no driving experience also have difficulties with some of the most common road signs. It is usually because they haven't figured out the universal language of road signs yet. In fact, very few first-time applicants get the prefect score on their first DMV examination, even though road signs probably are the easiest part of the written test.

Quiz-A-Go-Go has put together this quiz, because knowing road signs and their meanings is essential for safety on our highways. Any driver who gets behind the wheel is responsible for knowing all signs and their meanings. Disobeying a road sign, just because you didn't understand it may be costly and may also put yourself and others at risk of an accident.

In this quiz, you will see some of the signs that confuse many test takers on the real license or permit examination. On average, they miss three out of the 10 signs.

Can you do better?