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1. The first version of Napster was released in 1999. What was it?


Random General Trivia

What is general trivia knowledge good for? We may not always understand it, but our general knowledge make up a big part of who we are. It defines our interests, our choices in life, and who we want to socialize with. It can be said that the more we know, the happier we are and the more success we have in life. If you have a lot of knowledge of the world around you, you also engage in what is going on around you. And other people engage in you.

Knowledge is not only cumulative, it grows exponentially. If you have a sound base of general insight, you will also find it easier to learn more. The more facts you accumulate, the smarter you become. As you get older, it also keeps your brain active.

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General knowledge quizzes are one of the best ways to challenge yourself and keep the interest of the world around you alive. Even if you don't find any immediate use of simple trivia, every piece of information helps you become smarter. That is why we recommend a daily dose of general knowledge trivia.

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