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U.K. Most Difficult Signs - Question 1 of 10

1. Which sign means no motor vehicles are allowed?

U.K. Most Difficult Signs

Almost half of British drivers have difficulties explaining the meanings of some of the road signs they see every day. Probably because it's been a while since they took their exam.

The same signs also confuse applicants who must take their first official theory test. Some these new drivers are just confident that they know signs and think they don't have to study to understand them. Others fail to recognize the universal language of traffic signs. Either way, very few get the prefect score.

knowing road signs and their meanings is essential. Not just for anyone taking the theory test, but for all road users.

Remember, you are responsible for knowing what all signs mean. If you make the wrong decision because you didn't understand a sign, you may put yourself and others at risk. It is a lame excuse if you end up in a crash.

This quiz presents some of the most difficult signs. On average, people miss three out of the 10 signs. Can you do better?

We hope you take on the challenge. For the sake of everyone's safety.