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1. What does this sign mean?


Warning Signs

Before you take your real DMV test to get a driver's license or learner's permit, you must get familiar with the most common warning signs on the road.

Warning signs in United States always have a yellow background, unless they are used in a construction or maintenance zone (work zones always have orange warning signs). Most warning signs are diamond-shaped.

Warning signs alert you of possible hazards on or close to the road. You should not only know what a sign means, but also how to act when you approach one. In most situations, you should slow down, be alert and prepared for any hazards indicated by the sign. Other signs warn you of changes in road or traffic conditions. Be prepared for those changes and avoid distractions.

Some special warning signs have a circular shape (railroad crossing), five-sided shape (school zones), and a triangular pennant shape (no-passing zones). Make sure you can tell these signs apart by just looking at the shape.