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U.S. Road Signs – Random Questions

U.S. Road Signs - 10 Random Quiz Questions

# 1: Which sign tells you that traffic from both directions will share the same roadway ahead?

Divided Highway Ends. The divided highway on which you are traveling ends ahead. You will then be on an undivided roadway with two-way traffic. Keep to the right.

# 2: This sign marks:

Quizagogo - US Road Signs - Warning Sign
School Crossing. Slow down. Watch out for children crossing the street or playing. Be ready to stop. Obey signals from any crossing guards.

# 3: Which sign tells you that there will be fewer lanes ahead?

Reduction of lanes (there will be fewer lanes ahead). These signs are used on multi-lane highways to warn you of a reduction in the number of traffic lanes in the direction you are traveling. Be prepared to change lanes or to allow other vehicles to merge into your lane. Drivers of all vehicles may need to adjust their speed and position to avoid a collision with another vehicle.

# 4: What does this sign mean?

Quizagogo - US Road Signs -
This sign tells you that construction work may have caused a difference in the elevation of parallel traffic lanes.

# 5: What does a blue sign with a white wheelchair symbol mean?

Quizagogo - US Road Signs - Guide Sign
This blue sign is the international symbol of accessibility for the handicapped.

# 6: When you see this sign you must:

The Stop sign is the only 8-sided sign you will see on the highway. When you come to a stop sign, you must make a complete stop. Before starting, you must yield the right-of-way to other vehicles and pedestrians. You may not proceed until it is safe to do so. Make sure the way is clear. You must be able to completely pass through the intersection.

# 7: What should you expect ahead?

Quizagogo - US Road Signs
Pedestrian crossing. Watch for people crossing your path. Be prepared to slow down and stop. Signs may display horizontal lines indicating the point where a crosswalk exists. Signs may have a separate downward-pointing arrow plaque, which indicates the actual location of the crosswalk.

# 8: This sign means:

Quizagogo - US Road Signs - Regulatory sign
This is a regulatory No Bicyclists sign. It means that no bicyclists are allowed on the road.

# 9: Which sign tells you must pass to the left of an obstruction?

Keep Left. This sign tells you where to drive when you approach traffic islands, medians or other obstructions in the middle of the roadway. You must drive to the side showed by the arrow.

# 10: Which sign tells you that there are several curves or turns ahead?

Winding road ahead. The road ahead is winding, with a series of turns or curves. Slow down and drive carefully.



U.S. Road Signs – 10 Random Questions

This quiz has 10 questions about common U.S. highway signs. The 10 random questions are drawn from a larger pool of 65 questions.

See if you can answer all of them correctly. The quiz is a good preparation for a state DMV test or just are cap of your road sign knowledge.

Be sure to check out all road sign quizzes at quizagogo. They will help you pass a road sign section of the permit test.

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