The Most Complete U.S. Road Sign Test!

Taking your permit or driver's license?
This quiz covers American road signs you will see on your exam.

Random Road Signs

10 random U.S. road signs

Get 10 random questions from our large database of U.S. road signs. Take this over and over again. New questions each time.

This is the most comprehensive online quiz for U.S. road signs. Exactly what you need to pass your official written DMV test!

Most Difficult Signs

Image: The most difficult U.S. road signs

A road sign test with 20 of the most difficult U.S. road signs. Perfect practice for your learner's permit and driver's license.

Remember, when you are behind the wheel, you must understand and be able to act on all American road signs and traffic signals.

Most Common Signs

Image: The most common U.S. road signs

This quiz has 10 questions and answers about the most common U.S. road signs that you should know for your DMV written knowledge exam.

Some states have a special DMV road signs test with 10 or more road signs questions. This is the perfect way to study for your test.

Warning Signs

Image: 20 U.S. Warning signs

A quick test with 20 common U.S. warning signs that you are required to know to get your license or permit. The signs are used in all states.


Regulatory Signs

Image: U.S. regulatory signs

Get ready for your learner's permit or adult driver's license exam with this short road sign practice test on 10 regulatory signs.

About These Tests

The Largest Database and the Best Way to Learn

Know All US Traffic Signs!

When you head to the DMV office to take the written knowledge test for your State Driver's License or learner's permit, you are expected to know all the US road signs in the driver's manual. Some states have a special DMV road signs test with 10 or more road signs questions.

Remember, when you are behind the wheel, you must know and be able to act on all US road signs and traffic signals - for the safety of you and everybody else! There is no better place to learn all the US road signs than Our road signs test covers most of the American road signs - and all the ones you will see on your exam.

Want more DMV practice questions? Full and completely free USA driver's license and permit practice tests can be found at

Indiana Road Signs @ YouTube

Massachusetts Signs @ YouTube

Virginia Road Signs @ YouTube

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