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Road Signs and Their Meanings: Slippery When Wet

The Slippery When Wet sign warns of unexpected slippery conditions ahead. The sign is often installed near bridges and overpasses. This is because bridges tend to be more slippery than the rest of the pavement during cold and wet weather conditions.

Road Signs and Their Meanings: Winding Road

The Winding Road sign is an example of a general warning sign. Such warning signs are usually diamond-shaped and have a yellow background. The Winding Road sign is installed to warn drivers where there are more than three turns or curves ahead. The curves or turns are each separated by a tangent distance of less than 600 feet.

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Street Art by Marcellous Lovelace – Memphis

The "I'm A Man" mural can be found close to 400 S Man St in Memphis, TN, USA - in the neighborhood of the National Civil Rights Museum. It is designed by rap artist Marcellous Lovelace and installed by BLK75 in 2014. Inspired by a famous 1968 photo by photographer Richard L. Copley.

Academy Award Winners 2015

We have updated our quiz about Oscar Winners with new questions, covering some of the 2015 winners. Do you remember who won the Award for Best Actress. Or who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor?

Take the Oscar Quiz Here!

As before, our comprehensive knowledge quiz covers winners from today and all the way back to the 1st Academy Awards in 1929.

US Road Sign Shapes and Colors

Why is Learning Road Sign Shapes and Colors Important? The reason you should know road sign shapes and colors is that you must be able to recognize them from a distance and react to their message in time and appropriately. During winter, road signs might be covered with snow or ice, and hard to read. If you approach an eight-sided and red road sign you know you must come to complete stop, even if you cannot see the word stop.
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