The True or False Quiz – II

- Sam Walton’s Walmart stores were originally named "The Golden Rule".

- Elephants have nine months of pregnancy, just like humans.

Can you tell if these facts are true or false? Take this true-or-false quiz and find out. Questions span from music and films to geography and animals.

True or False Quiz - 2

Past Oscar Winners – New Quiz on YouTube

Quizagogo has added a new YouTube video with questions and answers about past Oscar Winners. Watch the video and see how much you remember about films, actors, actresses, and directors who made those unforgettable movies.

Geography Quiz: United States Famous Landmarks

Million tourists come every year to see the some of the most famous landmarks in United States. This quiz takes you to 10 of them. Do you recognize them? Do you know exactly where to find them? This is the perfect geography quiz, if you want to challenge family and friends. Who reaches the perfect score?

New Movie Trivia Quiz for Movie Nerds

Are you a movie nerd or movie geek? Then this trivia quiz is for you. It loops through several decades of film history. You will be asked about details from modern and old movies, actors, directors, and actresses.

If you are a movie nerd, you just love films. You know practically everything there is to know about them.