Geography Quiz: United States Famous Landmarks

Geography Quiz - Famous Landmarks

A New Quiz about Famous Landmarks in United States

Million tourists come every year to see the some of the most famous landmarks in United States. This quiz takes you to 10 of them. Do you recognize them? Do you know exactly where to find them? This is the perfect geography quiz, if you want to challenge family and friends. Who reaches the perfect score?

You will have a fair chance if you know some famous Victorian houses, where the assassinations of two great leaders took place, and where NASA’s space centers are located.

Something for Everyone

United States has something for every visitor; young an old, nature lovers, admirers of architecture, and history buffs. Perhaps you have already visited some of these landmarks, or plan to do so in a near future. This country’s cultural dominance holds a powerful attraction to most of us. This is also true for 80 million foreign travelers who arrive in the USA every year.

Even if you have never been to the United States, you will recognize several of these famous landmarks from TV, Movies or News Media. They are often featured in classic films, TV series and sitcoms. Some have also been the scene of important and historical news events.

Are You Ready for the Challenge?

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