New Movie Trivia Quiz for Movie Nerds

Movie Trivia Quiz for Movie Nerds -

Being a Movie Nerd

Are you a movie nerd or movie geek? Then this trivia quiz is for you. It loops through several decades of film history. You will be asked about details from modern and old movies, actors, directors, and actresses. The first 10 users had an average score of 85 percent (17 correct answers out of 20). Can you beat them?

What Does it Mean to be a Movie Nerd

Nerds are sometimes described as persons without social skills, single-minded, and preoccupied with their interests. Nerd interests are perhaps not always the mainstream, but nerds have a true passion for at least one particular thing in life. If you are a movie nerd, you just love films. You know practically everything there is to know about them.

What to Expect

If your favorite film is Pretty Woman, but you don’t really remember who played the main character, then this is not a quiz for you. If Orson Welles rings a bell, then it is right up your alley. You should also have a feel for some of the small details in famous films.
Are you ready for the challenge? Ready to impress friends and families?

Take your Movie Nerd Trivia Quiz here: Movie Trivia Quiz

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