Past Oscar Winners – New Quiz on YouTube

Oscar Winners - Movie Star Collage

2nd YouTube Quiz Video about the Oscars

Quizagogo has added a new YouTube video with questions and answers about past Oscar Winners. Watch the video and see how much you remember about films, actors, actresses, and directors who made those unforgettable movies.

It’s a nice challenge for friends and family. See how quickly you can answer the questions and who can answer the first.

If you need more time before answering, you can play the video at a lower speed or use the pause button!

Oscar Questions and Answers

The video spans over the most important Academy Award Categories, like the Best Actor Award, Best Actress Award, and Best Picture Award. It also spans over 7 decades, from the fifties and until 2017. You need to know a lot about the Oscar winners to get all questions correct.

Can you score 100%? Take the challenge and find out.


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