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What does this sign mean?

A.  Workers ahead
B.  Flagger ahead
C.  School or school crossing
D.  Pedestrian crossing
The Flagger ahead sign warns drivers that there is a flagger ahead, and to be especially alert in the work zone.
How did others answer?
A.  16%  B.  76%   C.  5%   D.  3%

Orange Means Slow Down

Whenever you see orange signs, cones and barrels, you are approaching a work zone. Slow down and be alert. Watch for workers and equipment on the road. A work zone typically contains many hazards such as narrow lanes, uneven pavement, loose gravel, and slow and heavy equipment.

The risk of death is seven times higher for road workers than for any average worker. Still, the majority of people injured or killed in work zone crashes are drivers and their passengers. A major contributing factor to those crashes is speeding.

You must follow posted speed limits, even if there are no workers present.

What are Flaggers?

Flaggers or flag persons help to guide traffic safely through construction and maintenance zones. They wear orange, yellow, strong yellow green, or fluorescent vests, shirts, or jackets.

To slow or stop traffic they use paddles or red flags.

You must always obey signals and instructions from a flagger.

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