Shapes and colors

U.S. Road Signs – Shapes and Colors Quiz

All new drivers in United States are tested on their knowledge of the most common signs. Often, test takers are also asked to identify signs by just shapes and colors. Too many test takers, unnecessarily, miss this part. Try this quiz and see how many you get right.

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Road Signs and Their Meanings: Divided Highway Begins

Where will you see the Divided Highway Begins sign? Learn everything there is to know about this and similar US Warning signs.

You should also make sure you can tell the difference between the Divided Highway Begins and the Divided Highway Ends.

US Road Sign Shapes and Colors

Why is Learning Road Sign Shapes and Colors Important? The reason you should know road sign shapes and colors is that you must be able to recognize them from a distance and react to their message in time and appropriately. During winter, road signs might be covered with snow or ice, and hard to read. If you approach an eight-sided and red road sign you know you must come to complete stop, even if you cannot see the word stop.