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US warning signs

U.S. Road Signs – Warning Signs

This quiz has 20 questions about different warning signs in United States. You can use this quiz to prepare for your driver's license or permit test, or just recap how well you know U.S. warning signs. [ Read More ]

Road Signs and Meanings: Slippery When Wet

The Slippery When Wet sign warns of unexpected slippery conditions ahead. The sign is often installed near bridges and overpasses. This is because bridges tend to be more slippery than the rest of the pavement during cold and wet weather conditions.

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Road Signs and Meanings: Winding Road

The Winding Road sign is an example of a general warning sign. Such warning signs are usually diamond-shaped and have a yellow background. The Winding Road sign is installed to warn drivers where there are more than three turns or curves ahead. The curves or turns are each separated by a tangent distance of less than 600 feet.

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