Tuesday Trivia – March 10, 2020 – 10 Questions

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# 1: From which country is film director Bille August?

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Bille August is a Danish Academy Award-winning film director. He was born November 9, 1948 in Brede, Denmark.

# 2: Bob Dylan named his sixth studio album after which highway?

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Highway 61 Revisited is the sixth studio album by Bob Dylan, released in 1965. He named the album after Highway 61 that connects his birthplace, Duluth, Minnesota, to southern cities famed for their musical heritage.

# 3: What is the answer to 6+2×3-6?

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If your result is different, you probably forgot the order of operations! You do the multiplication first.

# 4: “I’ll Be There for You” by The Rembrandts is the theme song in which TV-series?

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The song recorded by the American duo The Rembrandts is best known as the theme song to the American sitcom Friends, which aired from 1994 to 2004.

# 5: Which river flows through Ukraine?

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The Dnieper River flows through Russia, Belarus and Ukraine to the Black Sea. It is the longest river of Ukraine and Belarus and the fourth longest river in Europe.

# 6: What kind of bird is this?

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This is an American white pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos).

# 7: Listen to the music clip – who is the artist?

This was "We Didn't Start the Fire". It is a song by Billy Joel, released in 1989.

# 8: A rectangular area measures 9 by 6. What happens to the area if each dimension is doubled?

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9 x 6 = 54.

(9x2) x (6x2) = 216

This is four times larger.

# 9: Which U.S. state is larger in size?

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Texas is the second most populous and second largest state of the United States of America. New Mexico is fifth by size, Colorado 8th, and Kansas 15th.

# 10: The chemical element Mercury has which symbol?

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Mercury has the symbol Hg. Zn is the symbol for Zinc and Mg is the symbol for Magnesium.

Atomic number, name, and symbol all serve independently as unique identifiers for chemical elements.



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