U.S. Road Signs – More Random Signs Questions

U.S. Road Signs - More Random Quiz Questions

# 1: This road sign indicates:

Quizagogo - US Road Signs - Warning Sign

# 2: What does this sign mean?

Quizagogo - US Road Signs -
This sign tells you that construction work may have caused a difference in the elevation of parallel traffic lanes.

# 3: What should you expect ahead?

Quizagogo - US Road Signs
Divided highway ahead. The highway ahead is divided into two one-way roadways.

# 4: If you see this sign in front of you, it tells you that:

Quizagogo - US Road Signs - Regulatory sign
A square sign with a white horizontal line inside a red ball means you cannot enter. You will see this sign at road way openings that you should not enter, such as exit ramps where you would be going in the wrong direction, crossovers on divided roadways, and at numerous locations on one-way streets. Remember, the sign is square, it is not circular!

# 5: This road sign marks an area:

Quizagogo - Warning sign
This signs alert a driver in advance of an area where large vehicles may enter or cross the road.

# 6: Where will you find a sign with this shape?

US Random Road Sign Quiz
A circular sign is used only to warn that there is a railroad crossing ahead.

# 7: What is the meaning of this sign?

Quizagogo - US Road Signs - Warning Sign
Road curves. Road ahead makes a gradual curve in the direction of the arrow. Slow down, keep right, and do not pass. Note the difference between Curve and Sharp Turn signs.

# 8: When you approach this road sign, you must:

Quizagogo - US Road Signs
Divided highway ends: the divided highway on which you are traveling ends ahead. You will then be on an undivided roadway with two-way traffic. Keep to the right.

# 9: Which lane should you use when traveling straight ahead?

Quizagogo - US Road Signs - Lane Use Sign
A green arrow means you can use the lane. A red X means you cannot.

# 10: This an example of:

Quizagogo - road signs quiz
This is an example of a U.S. Route sign.



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