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U.S. Road Signs – More Random Signs Questions

U.S. Road Signs - More Random Quiz Questions

# 1: If you see an orange road sign from a distance, what should you expect ahead?

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Orange is used as a background color for construction and maintenance warning signs. They alert you to possible dangers ahead due to construction and maintenance projects.

# 2: This sign (a steady yellow X) means:

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Lane-use control signals are special signals posted by the side of the road or overhead. They indicate whether you should or should not drive in a specific lane. A green arrow means you can use the lane. A red X means you cannot. A flashing yellow X means the lane is only for turning. A steady yellow X means that the use of the lane is changing and you should move out of it when it is safe to do so.

# 3: What should you do when you see this sign?

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There is a work area ahead. Drive with extra caution.

# 4: When you see this sign beside the road, you should:

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Traffic signals are ahead. Slow down and be prepared to stop, if necessary.

# 5: What does this sign mean?

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This sign tells you that construction work may have caused a difference in the elevation of parallel traffic lanes.

# 6: Before reaching this sign:

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The sign is on the left side of the highway and marks the beginning of a no passing zone. Any passing maneuver must be completed before reaching this sign.

# 7: Road signs guiding you to an airport are:

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Destination and distance signs are always green. They direct you to destinations, bike routes, parking areas, and specific exits.

# 8: What should you expect ahead?

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Divided highway ahead. The highway ahead is divided into two one-way roadways.

# 9: This sign means:

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T Intersection ahead. The road you are traveling does not continue. You must turn either right or left. Remember, you must yield to cross traffic when on the terminating highway of a T-intersection with no traffic control signs or signals.

# 10: If it is raining when you approach this sign, you should:

Quizagogo - US Road Signs - Warning sign
Slippery when wet. When pavement is wet, reduce your speed. Do not brake hard or change direction suddenly. Increase the distance between your car and the one ahead. These actions are needed on all wet roads and especially on roads where this sign is posted. If headlights are required, use low beam headlights.



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