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U.S. Road Signs – More Random Signs Questions

U.S. Road Signs - More Random Quiz Questions

# 1: What does this sign mean?

Quizagogo - US Road Signs - Regulatory sign
This is a regulatory No Pedestrian sign. It means that no pedestrians are allowed on the road.

# 2: After 1,000 feet:

This is an advance warning of a location where traffic in both directions must use the same single lane. Reduce speed and be prepared to stop. Temporary traffic signals might be installed or a flagman stationed to direct and let traffic take turns using the single lane.

# 3: You approach this sign partly covered by snow. What does it mean?

Road sign covered in snow
The Stop sign is the only 8-sided sign you will see on the highway. When you come to a stop sign, you must make a complete stop. Before starting, you must yield the right-of-way to other vehicles and pedestrians. You may not proceed until it is safe to do so. Make sure the way is clear. You must be able to completely pass through the intersection.

# 4: What does this sign mean?

Quizagogo - US Road Signs
Sharp Turn. Road ahead makes a sharp turn in the direction of the arrow (left). Slow down, keep right, and do not pass.

# 5: This sign means:

Quizagogo - US Road Signs - Regulatory sign
This is a regulatory No U-turn sign. It means that you are not allowed to make a U-turn. Remember, if a sign has a red circle with a red line through it, it always indicates no. The picture inside the circle shows what is not allowed. The sign may be shown with or without words.

# 6: Road signs guiding you to an airport are:

Image for quiz question - quizagogo
Destination and distance signs are always green. They direct you to destinations, bike routes, parking areas, and specific exits.

# 7: You are driving in the right-hand lane when you approach this sign. You should:

Quizagogo - US Road Signs - Warning Sign
Reduction of lanes (there will be fewer lanes ahead). These signs are used on multi-lane highways to warn you of a reduction in the number of traffic lanes in the direction you are traveling. Be prepared to change lanes or to allow other vehicles to merge into your lane. Drivers of all vehicles may need to adjust their speed and position to avoid a collision with another vehicle.

# 8: If it is raining when you approach this sign, you should:

Quizagogo - US Road Signs - Warning sign
Slippery when wet. When pavement is wet, reduce your speed. Do not brake hard or change direction suddenly. Increase the distance between your car and the one ahead. These actions are needed on all wet roads and especially on roads where this sign is posted. If headlights are required, use low beam headlights.

# 9: If you see this sign in front of you, it tells you that:

Quizagogo - US Road Signs - Regulatory sign
A square sign with a white horizontal line inside a red ball means you cannot enter. You will see this sign at road way openings that you should not enter, such as exit ramps where you would be going in the wrong direction, crossovers on divided roadways, and at numerous locations on one-way streets. Remember, the sign is square, it is not circular!

# 10: Which of the following may use the HOV lane during hours of operation?

Quizagogo - Car Pool Sign
White diamonds indicate high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes. These lanes are lanes reserved for a particular vehicle type or vehicles carrying multiple riders, as identified by posted regulatory signs (in this case 2). Such signs will also indicate hours that HOV lanes are in operation. HOV lanes may also be marked with white diamonds painted on the pavement.



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