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U.S. Road Sign Questions & Answers

All states have questions about common road signs and signals on their official knowledge test for a driver’s license or learner’s permit.

Which signs that will show up on the test differ from state to state – but also from test to test. Today, all states use computerized tests with random questions drawn from a larger pool of DMV questions. This means that each test is (at least in theory) unique.

If someone tells you which questions they got on their test, you can’t expect to get the same questions. Even wording of questions and alternatives can vary from time to time.

Therefore, you need to prepare well for your DMV test and truly know and understand the contents of your state’s driver handbook/manual.

Specialist on U.S. Road Sign Questions & Answers

Since 2012, Quizagogo has provided free online road sign tests. We believe that signs, signals, and markings is the very foundation in safe and skillful driving.

Many first-time test takers believe that understanding road signs is just common sense and they tend to skip that part in their state’s driver guide. Unfortunately, many of the errors made on a DMV test involves road signs and signals.

Not only will DMV ask about the name and meaning of signs but also about proper actions and driving behavior, which can make answering a bit trickier.

You should also be aware that DMV tends to focus some questions on the shapes and colors of road signs.

The use of different shapes and colors isn’t random. Every shape and every color are used to convey a specific message.

Yellow road signs display warnings. Orange signs are used to warn you specifically about road works. Blue, brown, and green are only used on different types of guide signs.

Do you know how red, white, and black is used?

Some shapes are only used on one type of signs, like the eight-sided shape, the round shape, the five-sided shape, and the up-side down triangle.

You can study shapes and colors with this online quiz: U.S. Road Signs – Shapes and Colors Quiz

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Tests Specific for Your State

Most of our U.S. road sign tests on this site cover signs that are common across United States. They aren’t specific for any single state. This is simply because all states follow the same guidelines when it comes to road signs. Meaning, you can see all the signs when driving in your state – even if they aren’t described in your state’s driver’s manual.

When it comes to your real DMV Test, you probably want to focus more on the signs that are likely to show up in your state. That is why we also created some state-specific YouTube videos.

The videos focus on signs that are describe the State Handbook and that may show up on the test in that state.

We list some examples below.

Tennessee Road Signs

Maryland Road Sign Tests

California Road Sign Quiz 1 – 4

Massachusetts Road Sign Test 1 – 3

Missouri Road Sign Test 1 – 3

Texas Road Signs

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