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True or False

Quiaagogo - Quiz - True or False

Can you tell if these facts are true or false? The quiz has 10 questions. It is a fun challenge for young and old. It’s a 50% chance to get each question right, but the correct answer isn’t always what you think…

Random General Trivia

Image: Random trivia questions on all subjects

Learn something new. Take a quiz with 20 random questions from a larger pool of general trivia questions.

The set of trivia questions is slightly renewed every time you start over. A daily dose of trivia.

American TV-series

Image: Quizagogo - American TV-series quiz

If you like spending time immersed in the lives of characters portrayed on different American TV shows, you’ll have no problem scoring high on this American TV-series quiz. Give it a try!

General Knowledge Quizzes – How Smart Are You?

Smarter than a fifth grader? Or smarter than the guys down at the pub? This is your chance to prove that you are.



Mixed Pub Quiz

Image: Mixed Pub Quiz - 1 - 20 questions at Quiz-a-go-go

Warm up for a pub quiz night with these 20 questions and answers. The quiz is neither too easy or too hard. It’s just a medium-level mix of common pub questions.

It has questions about music, TV shows, science, geography and more.

General Knowledge

Image: general knowledge quiz

Prove you are smarter than your friends. This general knowledge test covers all kinds of different subjects.

This quiz will help to expand your general knowledge and is a good way to challenge memory and attention.

Are You a Movie Nerd?

Quizagogo film quiz - Are You a Movie Nerd?

Do you remember movie quotes, Academy Award winners, plots, and movie characters? Then, this movie quiz is for you.

It takes you back in time and features some of the most influential films of our time.

Kings and Queens Trivia Quiz

Quizagogo - Kings and Queens Trivia Quiz - Not just the British Royal Family

How much do you know about monarchies, Royal families, Kings, and Queens?

A new trivia quiz about monarchies from all parts of the world.

History Quiz

Image: History quiz

10 history questions in a fixed set. Can you answer all questions correctly?

Art Quiz

Art quiz - 10 questions - quizagogo

From classic painters and their work to contemporary artists. This is a somewhat difficult art quiz with 10 questions and answers


Geography Quizzes

Quizzes for any Geo Bee Challenge! All ages

Are You a Real Globetrotter?

Image: Geography trivia quiz

Take this random geography quiz with 10 questions and find out how much you know about geography and the world.

Capital Cities

Quizagogo - capital cities of the world

Test your knowledge of some capital cities of the world. The quiz has 10 questions drawn from a larger pool of questions.

Famous Landmarks – USA

Famous Landmarks - USA - New Quiz

United States is rich with famous landmarks. Check out this quick quiz for some of the top tourist attractions and popular destinations in USA.

Sports Quizzes

Quizzes for real sports fans!

Are You a Sports Fan?

Image: Sports quiz

This trivia quiz contains 10 questions about sports. It is easy and intuitive to use.

English Football

English Football Quiz at Quizagogo

How well do you know your English football players? Can you tell where some of the famous football grounds are found?

Sports Quiz USA

QuizAGoGo - Sports Quiz USA

A sports quiz with focus on U.S. sports and athletes. Can you answer all of these quiz questions?



Popular Music Trivia Quiz

Do you remember the most popular hits and artists from the past? We have many music quizzes waiting for you…

1970s Music Quiz

1970s music quiz from quizagogo

Do you recognize these 10 pop songs from the 1970s?

Listen to the song snippets and go back in time with some fun 1970s music trivia questions!

1980s Music Quiz

1980s music quiz from quizagogo!

If you were young in the 1980s, you’ll have no problem recognizing these hits from the eighties.

Take the challenge and see if you can hit a perfect score.

1990s Music Quiz

1990s music quiz from quizagogo

Listen to these 10 song snippets from the 1990s. How many of them do you recognize?

This is a fun challenge for friends and family.

20 Years of Music

Music Quiz - 20 Years of Music - From Year 2000 to Today

Think you know music artists and hit songs of our time?

Here’s your chance to put your music knowledge to the test in a quick quiz.

Modern Pop Hits

Music Quiz - Modern Pop Hits @quizagogo

Take this quick quiz with some modern pop hits.

Play the short snippet above each question and see if you recognize the music.

Hits from 1960s

Music Quiz - 1960s - Quiz-A-Go-Go

Do you remember these classic hits from the 1060s

Listen to the short song snippets and answer the questions.



U.S. Road Sign Tests

United StatesThese sign quizzes can help you pass your state’s DMV permit test

Random Road Signs

10 random U.S. road sign questions

Get 10 random questions from a larger pool of U.S. road sign questions. You can take this quiz several times to test your road sign knowledge.

We have the most comprehensive online quizzes for U.S. road signs. Exactly what you need to pass your official written DMV test!

U.S. Common Signs

Image: U.S. Common Signs

Knowing and understanding the meaning of the most common road signs are a must for your DMV permit or Driver License written test.

Do you recognize all of them? Can you hit a perfect score of 100%?

Most Difficult Signs

Image: The most difficult U.S. road signs

A road sign test with 20 of the most difficult U.S. road signs. Perfect practice for your learner’s permit and driver’s license.

Remember, when you are behind the wheel, you must understand and be able to act on all American road signs and traffic signals.


Warning Signs

Image: Quizagogo - U.S. Road Signs - Warning Signs

Use this quiz to prepare for your driver’s license or permit test, or just recap how well you know U.S. warning signs.

See if you can reach at least 80%, which is required on most state DMV tests.

Regulatory Signs

Image: Quizagogo - U.S. Road Signs - Regulatory Signs

Regulatory signs tell you what you must do and what you must NOT do on U.S. highways.

They are perhaps the most important signs to learn when you study for your learner’s permit or full driver’s license.

Shapes and Colors

Image: Quizagogo - U.S. Road Signs - Shapes and Colors

Knowing shapes and colors help you identify basic messages from a distance or when signs are covered in snow.

Often, you are asked to identify signs by just shapes and colors on a DMV test.


Which sign is it?

Image: Quizagogo - U.S. Road Signs - Which sign is it?

In this quiz, you are asked to pick the sign that matches the description or the question.

To pass a DMV or permit test you should get most of them right.

More Colors & Shapes

Image: Quizagogo - U.S. Road Signs - More Colors & Shapes

A second quiz with 20 questions focused on just the colors and shapes of U.S. road signs.

Spend a minute or two with this quiz. Can you score 100%?

More Random Questions

Image: Quizagogo - U.S. Road Signs - More Random Signs Questions

10 random signs questions are drawn from a larger pool of 65 questions.

You can take this quiz several times and get new questions each time.

Road Sign Tests on YouTube

Visit YouTube for more!

Missouri Road Signs

This video shows the road signs that are most likely to show up on your Missouri Signs Recognition test!

Missouri Drivers Guide lists about 50 traffic signs you should know.

California Signs

10 real DMV road sign questions from California official permit and driver license tests.

Exactly what you need when you study for your driver’s exam in California.

Texas Signs Test

Prepare for your Texas driver’s knowledge exam with the road sign questions in this video.

They are an important part of your Texas DPS written test.


Academy Awards Quizzes

Do you know your Academy Award Winners?

These quizzes are the ultimate movie nerd challenge!

Best Picture Awards

Image: Best picture award winners

How much do you know about the Academy Awards?

Take this challenge with 10 trivia questions about winners of the Best Picture Award.

Best Actress Awards

Image: Best actress award winners

If you are a movie nerd, this is the quiz for you!

10 questions about winners of the Best Actress Academy Award through the years.

Oscars – Random Questions

Image: Random trivia questions about the Oscars

How much of a movie buff are you?

Take this Academy Awards quiz with 10 random questions from 90 years of Oscar nominees and winners (150 questions in the pool)!



Best Director Awards

Ouizagogo - The Oscars - Best Director Award

The Academy Award for Best Director is often closely related to Best Picture winners – but not always!

Check how much you remember about winners of the Best Director Award.

Best Actor Awards

Ouizagogo - The Oscars - Best Actor Award

Another Oscar Quiz for you!

Perhaps you remember some of these great actors. All of them have been awarded an Oscar for a leading or supporting role in a memorable movie

Oscars on YouTube

A movie trivia quiz about the Oscars – on YouTube!

See if you know the Academy Award winners and other trivia around the Oscars.


British Traffic Signs

United Kingdom flagBe safe on the road! Know your traffic signs!

U.K. Difficult Signs

U.K. Most Diificult U.K. Traffic Signs - Challenge at Quizagogo

Study and learn British traffic signs

This quiz challenges your knowledge of some U.K. traffic signs. It can help anyone who wants to drive in Great Britain.

U.K. Common Signs

U.K. Most Common Signs Quiz - Quiz-A-Go-Go

Do you know these common traffic signs?

If you want to pass the driving exam or simply want to visit Great Britain and drive, this is a quiz for you!

U.K. Warning Signs

U.K. Warning Signs for your Driving Licence Test

20 question about U.K. warning signs

Do you recognize common traffic signs and know how to act when you see them? Take this quiz and find out!

Regulatory Signs

U.K. Regulatory Traffic Signs at Quizagogo

20 questions about common British regulatory traffic signs, all of which you should learn for your DVSA examination.

Can you score 100%?

Random U.K. Signs

U.K. Random Signs Quiz - Quiz-a-go-go

In this U.K. Traffic Signs Quiz you’ll get 10 random signs questions from a larger pool of questions and answers.

Learn them and pass your exam!

YouTube Video

UK U.K. Traffic Signs Quiz on YouTube

This video helps you prepare for your British driving license test.

It has 15 questions about U.K. traffic signs that you should know the answer to.