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Classic British TV Shows Quiz

TV - Classic Brit TV Shows

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Who were The Two Ronnies?

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In Men Behaving Badly, the main characters often hang out in which local pub?

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Which TV series features forensic pathologists Dr. Leo Dalton, Dr. Harry Cunningham, and Dr Nikki Alexander?

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This British sitcom revolves around the geeks Maurice Moss and Roy Trenneman and their boss Jen Barber.

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Who plays the main character, Basil Fawlty, in Fawlty Towers?

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Who plays Leslie Charteris's literary character Simon Templar in the British TV series The Saint?

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The Chase from 2006 centers around which of the following?

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Simon Cowell is the principal founder and chief executive of which British entertainment company?

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In which fictional town is Coronation Street set?

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Which group or artist won 2009's Britain's Got Talent?

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Classic British TV Shows Quiz


Classic Brit TV Quiz

This quiz spans over 70 years of British TV, from 1960 to today. It mixes different questions about actors, characters, and trivia. It spans sitcoms, comedy series, crime dramas, and more.

You must be more than just the average TV viewer to get all the questions right. But you don’t have to be born in the fifties to have seen these TV series.

Are Friends or Family Up for a Challenge?

Find someone to challenge and put your classic Brit TV knowledge to the test. It is more challenging than you might think.

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