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Random road signs quiz

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Random road signs quiz

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#1. What does this sign tell you?

Low shoulder. This road sign indicates sharp drop from the pavement edge to the shoulder. If you must leave the pavement, slow down and steer firmly.


#2. Where will you typically see a sign like this?

Two-direction arrow. You cannot go straight ahead. This sign is placed at a T-intersection. Yield right of way or stop before turning right or left.


#3. This red and white sign means:

You are approaching a one-way highway or ramp. Driving on the highway or ramp in the direction you are traveling is not allowed.

The wrong way sign is a supplement to the do not enter sign. It is placed along the exit ramp or the one-way roadway farther from the crossroad. It tells you that you have already entered a one-way road and are driving in the wrong direction.


#4. What does a sign like this indicate?

The pass-with-care sign indicates the end of the no-passing zone. When you have passed this sign, you are again allowed to pass other vehicles with care.


#5. What does this sign mean?

Merging Traffic sign. Traffic merging from the right. Prepare to allow traffic to safely merge.


#6. This is the shape and color of a:

An octagon (eight-sided shape) always means stop.

When you come to it, you must make a complete stop at a marked stop line. If there is no stop line, stop before the crosswalk on your side of the intersection. If there is no crosswalk, stop at a point from which you can best see oncoming traffic.


#7. This sign means:

Reverse turn. This sign tells you there is a sharp turn to the right and then a sharp turn to the left. Slow down.


#8. A round sign means you are approaching:

A round sign means you are approaching a railroad crossing. This sign is posted a few hundred feet in front of the tracks and alerts you to slow down, look, listen, and prepare to stop.


#9. What does this sign mean?

Narrow bridge ahead. The bridge ahead is narrower than the roadway.


#10. Orange road signs are used for:

The color orange means road work. Highway work zones are defined as portions of a highway or street where construction, reconstruction, or maintenance work is being done to the road, its shoulders, or any other areas near the roadway.


#11. This warning sign means:

Pedestrian crossing.

Just ahead is a location where people on foot often cross. Use caution as you approach and drive more slowly and carefully, watching both sides of the street for pedestrians.

When pedestrians are in the crosswalks, they must be given the right-of-way.


#12. This yellow warning sign means:

Divided highway ends.

The divided road ends ahead. Two-way traffic will no longer be divided by a center island. You will be on an undivided roadway with two-way traffic. Keep to the right.


#13. What does this sign mean?

Remember, blue and white signs will give directions to service facilities. Hospital is a word message sign or an H symbol sign.


#14. You approach this sign. What should you do?

Traffic signal ahead. Slow down and be prepared to stop, if necessary.


#15. This sign means:

When two or more traveling lanes are available in the direction you are traveling, slower traffic should travel in the right (outside) lane(s).


#16. What does this sign mean?

This is a regulatory sign. It means that bicycles are prohibited from entering this roadway.

Remember that regulatory signs have a red circle with a red slash over a symbol. These signs prohibit certain actions indicated by the sign.


#17. What is the meaning of this sign?


Another road crosses the highway ahead.


#18. These two signs mean:

Advisory speed signs or plaques indicate the safe speed with which you should proceed.


#19. A regulation sign telling you to keep right of an obstacle has which shape?

Vertical Rectangle signs are generally used for regulatory signs, which tell you what you must do. You must obey them in the same manner as traffic laws.


#20. What is the meaning of this sign?

Winding road ahead.

The road ahead winds back and forth. Slow to a safe or indicated speed.


This U.S. Random Road Sign Quiz


U.S. Random Road Signs Quiz

U.S. Road Signs – 10 Random Questions

This quiz has 10 questions about common U.S. highway signs. The 10 random questions are drawn from a larger pool of more than 50 road signs, including how to interpret shapes and colors. You can take this quiz over and over again a get a new set of questions.

See if you can answer all of them correctly. The quiz is a good preparation for a state DMV test or just are cap of your road sign knowledge.

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