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U.S. Road Signs – Random Questions

U.S. Road Signs - 10 Random Quiz Questions

# 1: What does this sign mean?

Quizagogo - US Road Signs - Warning sign
Slippery when wet. When pavement is wet, reduce your speed. Do not brake hard or change direction suddenly. Increase the distance between your car and the one ahead. These actions are needed on all wet roads and especially on roads where this sign is posted.

# 2: The shape of a Do Not Enter sign is:

Image for quiz question - quizagogo
A square sign with a white horizontal line inside a red ball means you cannot enter. You will see this sign at road way openings that you should not enter, such as exit ramps where you would be going in the wrong direction, crossovers on divided roadways, and at numerous locations on one-way streets. Remember, the sign is square, it is not circular!

# 3: Which sign tells you that traffic from both directions will share the same roadway ahead?

Divided Highway Ends. The divided highway on which you are traveling ends ahead. You will then be on an undivided roadway with two-way traffic. Keep to the right.

# 4: When you see this sign, what should you expect ahead?

Quizagogo - US Road Signs - Warning Sign
Reverse curves. This sign tells you there is a gradual curve to right, and then left. Check speed.

# 5: This sign means:

Quizagogo - US Road Signs
Hill sign. Steep hill ahead. Slow down and be ready to shift to lower gear to control speed and protect brakes from damage.

# 6: Where should you expect this sign?

Quizagogo - US Road Signs
Two-direction Arrow. You are approaching a T-intersection and must turn left or right. Be prepared to yield the right-of-way at the intersection if necessary.

# 7: This sign means:

Quizagogo - US Road Signs - Regulatory Sign
No Turn on Red. You may not turn right or left during the red light where these signs are posted. Wait for the traffic signal to turn green before you turn.

# 8: This sign marks:

Quizagogo - US Road Signs - Chevron sign
Chevron signs or one-direction large arrows may be seen on the outside of a curve. Expect a sharp change of direction of travel. Slow down.

# 9: The area in the center of this road is used for:

Quizagogo - US Road Signs - Regulatory sign
The two-way left turn only sign tells you that the center lane is reserved for the exclusive use of left-turning vehicles in either direction. Enter the lane only to prepare for a turn. The lane cannot be used for passing, overtaking, or through travel.

# 10: Which sign tells you that there are several curves or turns ahead?

Winding road ahead. The road ahead is winding, with a series of turns or curves. Slow down and drive carefully.



U.S. Road Signs – 10 Random Questions

This quiz has 10 questions about common U.S. highway signs. The 10 random questions are drawn from a larger pool of 65 questions.

See if you can answer all of them correctly. The quiz is a good preparation for a state DMV test or just are cap of your road sign knowledge.

Be sure to check out all road sign quizzes at quizagogo. They will help you pass a road sign section of the permit test.

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