1960s TV Shows and Series Quiz – Popular TV in the Sixties

1960s TV Quiz

1960s TV Shows and Series

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Which TV series is set in the fictional small community of Mayberry, North Carolina?

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What is the name of the Flintstone's next-door neighbors?


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Which TV series featured Patrick McGoohan as secret agent John Drake?

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In which TV series does Steve McQueen play the role of bounty hunter Josh Randall?

In which TV series does Steve McQueen play the role as bounty hunter Josh Randall?

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Who plays Colonel Robert E. Hogan in the TV series Hogan's Heroes?

Hogan's Heroes

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What is the name of this TV show?

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Who plays the leading role of Bret Maverick in the TV series Maverick?

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In which TV series does Ray Walston play the character Uncle Martin O'Hara?


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Robert Simpson 'Rob' Petrie is the main character of which series?

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From which TV series is the quote: "We're the young generation, and we've got somethin' to say."

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Popular 1960s TV Series – Quiz Questions and Answers


Popular TV Shows in the Sixties

This quiz has ten questions about popular TV shows and series from the sixties.

In this decade, networks upgraded from black-and-white to color broadcasts. TV sets became affordable, and the percentage of households in the US with at least one TV grew to 96 percent.

Lucille Ball continued to be one of the most loved TV personalities, nominated for 13 Primetime Emmy Awards, winning four times.

The Andy Griffith Show was the fourth most popular show on television. It was rated among the top ten every year until it was the top-rated show in 1967.

Well-known drama series from the sixties also include The Defenders, The Fugitive, and Mission: Impossible, all Primetime Emmy Award winners in the 1960s. E. G. Marshall won the Actor Emmy two years in a row; remember for which role?

1960s TV Challenge

The quiz is a challenge for everyone young in the sixties or addicted to watching re-runs of old series. Unless you are an actual TV fan, this quiz is hard.

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