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Virginia Road Sign Quiz

U.S. Road Sign Quiz - Virginia

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What does this sign mean?

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This sign means:

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This sign means:

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What does this sign mean?

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What does this sign mean?

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What does this sign mean?

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Yellow speed signs like this are:

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This red and white sign means:

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What does this sign mean?

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What should you do when you see this sign?

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Road Signs for Virginia Drivers

10 (Random)

Virginia Road Signs for the VA DMV Test

To pass a DMV test for your Virginia driver license or permit, you must correctly identify ten road signs from the Virginia Driver’s Manual .

You must get all the signs right before you can move on to the second part of the exam, which has questions about standard road rules.

This quiz can help you study for the road sign part of your exam. For additional test questions about road rules, please visit .

This Virginia road sign quiz has ten random questions drawn from a larger question bank. Each time you take the test, it will be slightly different. Ensure you can answer all questions before attempting your official DMV test.

Don’t Forget Shapes and Colors

Skipping the part about shapes and colors on U.S. highway signs is easy. They are essential in informing road users about hazards and rules they must obey. Make sure you can decode signs by both colors and shapes.

The real DMV test can have a question or two where knowledge of shapes and colors is valuable.

You can take a road sign quiz focused on only shapes and colors here: U.S. Road Signs – Shapes and Colors Quiz .

The Second Part of the Exam

The second part of the Virginia written knowledge test has 25 questions about Virginia traffic laws, standard road rules, and safe driving practices. You need 20 correct answers to pass this part.

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