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TV trivia questions and answers

American TV Shows - 2

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Which American TV drama stars Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison?

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This series from 2010 is set in Atlantic City, New Jersey, during the Prohibition era:

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In which American TV series does Bryan Cranston play Walter White, a struggling high school chemistry teacher?

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Who plays the character Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother?

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Carrie Bradshaw is a fictional character in Sex and the City. Which is her profession?

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The Office is a mockumentary sitcom that first aired in which country?

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I'll Be There for You by The Rembrandts is the theme song to which TV series?

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In which drama series are Cristina Yang, Miranda Bailey, and Meredith Grey main characters?

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Which American TV series revolves around four extraterrestrials on an expedition to Earth?

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Which awarded TV series is set in the 1960s at the fictional Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency?

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In which action-drama series do David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson Lee play together?

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Téa Leoni plays the role of Dr. Elizabeth Adams McCord in which TV series?

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Who plays Jethro Gibbs in the CBS series NCIS?

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Who wrote the bestselling series A Song of Ice and Fire, on which Game of Thrones is based?

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Who plays Arthur 'Fonzie' Fonzarelli in the 70s TV show Happy Days?

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USA TV Show Trivia Questions and Answers


Another TV Show Quiz with Full Answers

Quizzes about well-known TV shows are always a fun challenge for friends and family. You will be amazed by how much you actually know and remember about current and past TV series, sitcoms, and shows.

The level of this TV show quiz is graded medium, with an average score of 11 correct answers. Some find it a lot easier than that. Are you one of them?

TV in the USA

The evolution of American TV shows from the sixties to today mirrors broader societal shifts, technological advancements, and changing viewer expectations. From the family-oriented programming of the early days to the diverse, complex narratives of the streaming era.

The 1960s: The Golden Age of Television

We often call the sixties the “Golden Age” of television, characterized by its groundbreaking shows and the emergence of color broadcasting. This era was dominated by family-friendly sitcoms, such as “The Andy Griffith Show” and “I Dream of Jeannie,” alongside pioneering dramas like “The Twilight Zone.” While often rooted in idealistic portrayals of American life, these shows also began to touch upon the social changes and challenges of the time.


The 1970s: Social Consciousness on the Rise

Television in the seventies took a more socially conscious turn, reflecting the tumultuous nature of American society during this decade. Shows like “All in the Family” and “MAS*H” tackled issues such as racism, war, and feminism, pushing the boundaries of what could be discussed on TV. This era also saw the rise of the miniseries, with “Roots” (1977) becoming a landmark event in television history, drawing widespread attention to the horrors of slavery and racial injustice.

The 1980s: The Era of Excess and Innovation

The eighties witnessed the advent of cable television, significantly expanding the variety of content available to viewers. We remember this era by a mix of opulent soap operas, such as “Dynasty” and “Dallas,” alongside family-centric sitcoms like “The Cosby Show” and “Family Ties.” It was also a time of technological innovation, with the introduction of the VCR allowing viewers to record shows and watch them according to their schedule.

The 1990s: The Rise of Must-See TV and Niche Audiences

The nineties were defined by the phenomenon of “Must-See TV,” with shows like “Friends,” “Seinfeld,” and “The X-Files” dominating the ratings. This era also saw the proliferation of cable networks, offering content tailored to niche audiences and interests. The advent of reality TV, marked by the launch of “The Real World” on MTV, began to blur the lines between reality and entertainment.

The 2000s to 2010s: The Digital Revolution and the Golden Age of Cable

The turn of the millennium brought the digital revolution, changing how content was consumed and distributed. The proliferation of DVRs and the advent of streaming services like Netflix began to challenge traditional broadcast models. This period is often called the “Golden Age of Cable,” with shows like “Breaking Bad,” “Mad Men,” and “Game of Thrones” offering complex narratives and character development previously reserved for cinema.

The 2020s: Streaming TV

The 2020s have ushered in a new era of television, marked by an explosion of content across a myriad of streaming platforms.

Which are the most popular TV shows in the 2020s (so far)?

“The Mandalorian” – Redefining Star Wars for TV

Launched on Disney+ in 2019 and spanning into the 2020s, “The Mandalorian” has been a game-changer for the Star Wars franchise. This series brought a fresh perspective to the universe, focusing on the journey of a lone bounty hunter in the galaxy’s outer reaches, far from the authority of the New Republic. Its success lies in blending classic Star Wars elements with new characters and stories, appealing to long-time fans and newcomers.

“Stranger Things” – A Nostalgic Supernatural Thrill

Netflix’s “Stranger Things” has captivated audiences since its debut in 2016, with subsequent seasons stretching well into the 2020s. The show, set in the 1980s, combines supernatural horror with a nostalgic throwback to the era’s pop culture, centered around a group of kids in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. Its blend of childhood adventure, eerie mysteries, and a compelling cast has made it a standout hit.

The Crown on Netflix

“The Crown” – A Deep Dive into Royal History

Netflix’s “The Crown” has offered an intimate look at the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, blending historical events with personal drama. Launched in 2016 and continuing through the 2020s, the series has been praised for its meticulous attention to detail, stellar performances, and balanced portrayal of the British royal family’s public and private lives.

“Bridgerton” – Revitalizing the Romance Genre

Debuting in December 2020, “Bridgerton” quickly became Netflix’s most-watched series. This period drama, set in the competitive world of Regency-era London’s Ton during the season when debutantes are presented at court, is known for its diverse casting, vibrant costumes, and modern take on historical romance. Produced by Shonda Rhimes, it has breathed new life into the romance genre.

“Squid Game” – A Global Phenomenon from South Korea

Squid Game,” released on Netflix in 2021, became an international sensation, showcasing the global reach of South Korean entertainment. This dystopian thriller, where contestants in desperate financial situations play deadly children’s games for a chance to win a life-changing cash prize, has been praised for its social commentary, gripping storyline, and well-developed characters.

“Ted Lasso” – Comedy with Heart

Apple TV+’s “Ted Lasso” began in 2020 and quickly won over viewers with its heartwarming story and endearing characters. The show follows an American college football coach who unexpectedly becomes the manager of a British soccer team despite having no experience with the sport. Its optimistic tone, humor, and themes of kindness and resilience have made it a beacon of positivity.

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