Sixties Music Clip Challenge 1 – Recognize These Hits?

1960s Music Clip Challenge 1

Sixties Music Challenge - 1

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This version of Dylan's Quinn the Eskimo (Mighty Quinn) is recorded by:

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What is the title of this song by the Dave Clark Five?

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The duo behind this song is from which country?

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What is the title of this song by the Everly Brothers?

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This song was a posthumous success in 1966 with which artist?

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This is a recording by Nancy Sinatra and:

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Sixties Music Clip Challenge 1 – Classic Hits


Recognize These 1960s Hits?

Listen to these ten short snippets of classic 1960s hits. Do you recognize the artists or the song titles?

All of them are well-known for the young generation in the sixties and the seventies, but probably also for later generations.

Several of these songs have become timeless classics; you may have heard them in films, TV shows, and on the radio.

Medium 1960s Music Quiz

The difficulty level is easy to medium. When published on, the average result was just below seven correct answers.

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