U.S. Road Signs – Shapes and Colors Quiz

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U.S. Shapes and Colors

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Which traffic signs have a blue background?

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You approach an orange road sign. The sign indicates:

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What background color is usually regulatory signs?

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What does a sign with eight sides mean?

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A sign guiding you to a hospital is an example of a sign with:

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A road sign with a red background indicates:

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Most warning signs you see by the road are:

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What is the shape of a warning sign telling you there is a stop ahead?

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What road signs have a green, blue, or brown background?

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What does a sign with this shape mean?

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What shape is a regulatory speed limit sign?

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A road sign guiding you to a highway exit has:

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A square-shaped road sign usually indicates:

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What does a pentagon-shaped sign mean?

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What does a sign with a circular shape mean?

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A sign with this shape indicates:

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A road sign guiding you to a gas station is an example of a sign with:

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What road signs have a fluorescent yellow-green background?

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A road sign with a brown background directs you to:

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Which of the following is indicated by a diamond-shaped road sign?

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Road Sign Quiz about Shapes and Colors


Do You Know the Code behind U.S. Road Signs?

Knowing road signs is essential for safe driving. DMV will test all new drivers in the United States on their knowledge of the most common signs.

DMV often asks test takers to identify signs by shapes and colors. Too many test takers need to catch up on this part.

Learning the different shapes and colors gives you a code to interpret many signs.

Do you, for example, know the difference between a yellow and a white speed sign? The color here is essential!

Read more about why it is important to learn road sign shapes and colors here: Shapes and Colors.

You may also want to try this quiz: More colors and shapes.

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