U.S. Road Signs – More Colors and Shapes

Road sign quiz USA: More shapes and colors

U.S. More Shapes and Colors

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What is the four-sided diamond shape used for?

Blank road sign

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A sign guiding you to a national park or a recreation area usually is:

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If you see a green road sign far ahead, it will most likely:

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A sign showing information about amenities at an upcoming exit has a:

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A road sign with this shape means:

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What road signs have a yellow background?

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What road signs have white background?

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A road sign guiding you to a train station has:

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Yield signs have what shape?

Que forma

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What is the standard background color of this road sign?

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Which road signs have a fluorescent yellow-green background?

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A sign like this has what background color?

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A sign showing a nearby historical marker has:

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A vertical rectangular road sign usually indicates:

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Road signs that give directions and information are usually:

Que forma

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Road signs directing you to motorist services are usually:

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Road signs indicating emergency traffic incidents have:

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Three-sided pennant shape used for:

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What is the shape of a warning sign with these symbols?

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What does a sign with this shape mean?

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Another Road Sign Quiz about Colors and Shapes


More Quiz Questions about Shapes and Colors

We give you another quiz with 20 questions focused on just the colors and shapes of U.S. road signs.

Most states will include questions about the code behind our road signs on their official DMV test for a driver’s license or learner’s permit. Knowing basic shapes and colors will also help you on the road. Recognizing road signs by color or shape from a distance can help you react to their message well ahead of a danger or a wanted exit.

Spend a minute or two with this quiz. If you are an experienced driver, you’ll have no problem scoring 100%. Or have you?

If you are still learning, our quizzes about shapes and colors are an excellent preparation for the final challenge.

When you master the shapes and colors, feel free to move on to another of our road signs quizzes.

Read about the standard colors and shapes of U.S. road signs here.

You should also try our first quiz about shapes and colors.

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