U.S. Road Signs – Warning Signs – Permit Prep Test

Road Sign Quiz - US Warning Signs

U.S. Warning Signs

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What is the meaning of this sign?

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When you see this sign, what should you expect ahead?

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What does this sign mean?

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This sign means:

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What does this sign mean?

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What does this sign mean?

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This sign means:

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What does this sign mean?

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If you turn right at the intersection ahead, you should expect:

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This sign means:

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What does this sign mean?

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What does this sign mean?

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This sign means:

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Where will you typically see a sign like this?

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What does this road sign mean?

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Road Sign Quiz with Standard Warning Signs


Prepare for Your DMV Test

This quiz has 15 questions about different warning signs in the United States. You can use this quiz to prepare for your driver’s license or permit test or recap how well you know U.S. warning signs.

There are about 100 different warning signs you may encounter on our highways. It is your responsibility to understand their meanings and act accordingly.

Average Result

The average result on DMV tests with warning signs is around 75%, less than the passing score on official DMV tests in most states.

See if you can reach at least 80% on this quiz. It helps if you want to pass a driver’s license or permit test.

Ideally, you should aim for a total score of 100%.

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