U.S. Road Signs – Common Signs

U.S. Road Signs - Common Signs

U.S. Common Signs

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This sign means:

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What does this sign mean?

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This sign means:

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This sign means:

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This sign means that you cannot:

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What does this road sign mean?

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What does this sign mean?

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This road sign means:

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This sign means:

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This sign means:

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What do chevron signs indicate?

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What does this sign mean?

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What does this sign tell you?

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This sign tells you that the center lane is for:

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This sign shows:

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Road Sign Quiz with Common U.S. Road Signs


Most Common Signs

This quiz has ten questions about some of the most common road signs in the United States. To pass a driver’s license test, you should know the meaning of all of them. You should also know how to react when you see each sign.

Study Tips for New Drivers

When you prepare for the DMV test in your home state, use the free road signs test on this website. It is a great resource for learning about all the common signs on U.S. highways, including the most challenging ones.

There is a wide range of road signs on our tests. If you miss a question, make sure you read the explanation. It will help you learn faster.

Remember, there is no single answer to a road sign question on an official test. The answer depends on how the DMV asks the question. They only sometimes ask about the name of the sign.

Get Your State Driver’s Manual

Get a hard copy of the official handbook from your state DMV. It has all the answers to the road signs you must learn for your official exam.

The good old-fashioned paper manual is a great study tool, even in the digital age. Use it for making notes and highlighting essential sections. The manual has the most up-to-date information for your driver’s license test.

When you have done this quiz, don’t forget to try the one with the hardest road signs on a DMV test!

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