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Random road sign quiz

Do you want to try again?

New set of CA questions

Or try another road sign quiz?

Random road sign quiz

#1. This sign means:

Reduction of lanes (there will be fewer lanes ahead).These signs are used on multi-lane highways to warn you of a reduction in the number of traffic lanes in the direction you are traveling. Be prepared to change lanes or to allow other vehicles to merge into your lane. Drivers of all vehicles may need to adjust their speed and position to avoid a collision with another vehicle.


#2. You can drive in a lane marked with this sign if you are:

An HOV lane is a special lane used only for carpools, buses, motorcycles, or decaled low-emission vehicles. You may use a carpool/HOV lane or on-ramp if your vehicle carries the posted minimum number of people required for the carpool lane (three in this case), or you drive a low-emission vehicle displaying a special DMV issued decal.


#3. This sign means:

Pedestrian crossing. This sign warns you that there is a crosswalk or pedestrian path crossing the road. Watch out for, and yield to people walking across the road.


#4. What does this sign mean?

There is a traffic signal ahead. The sign is an example of a warning sign.


#5. What does this sign mean?

No Turns. You must not turn to the right or to the left at this intersection.


#6. This sign means

Slippery when wet.

Some road surfaces are more slippery than others when wet and usually have warning signs posted. A slippery road will not give your tires the grip they need. Drive more slowly than you would on a dry road.

To prevent skidding on slippery surfaces:

  • Drive slowly and stay farther behind the vehicle ahead of you.
  • Slow down as you approach curves and intersections.
  • Avoid fast turns.
  • Avoid quick stops.

#7. What does this sign mean?

No right turn. You cannot make a right turn at this intersection.If a sign has a red circle with a red line through it, it always indicates NO. The picture inside the circle shows what you cannot do. The sign may be shown with or without words.


#8. What does this sign mean?

The one-way sign is used to indicate streets or roadways upon which traffic can travel in one direction only. Do not turn against the arrow.

The sign is placed parallel to the one-way street at all alleys and roadways that intersect one-way roadways. Unless placed at a T-intersection, the sign does not indicate that turning is needed.


#9. This sign alerts you to:

The sign tells you that there is a flagger ahead. Always obey signs or instructions from flag persons in a work zone.


#10. What does this sign mean?

Sharp Turn.

The sign is used to warn of a sharp turn.


California Road Sign Quiz


California Road Sign Quiz for Your Knowledge Test

A handful of questions on your California DMV knowledge test will deal with the highways signs shown in the CA Driver Handbook.

To pass your driving exam, you must not only know the description or name of each sign, you must also fully understand what they mean.

This road sign quiz, specifically designed for your California driving exam, pulls 10 random questions from a larger question bank. All of the signs are from the latest version of the California Handbook. Study these questions and the correct answers. It can help you pass the California DMV exam the first time.

You can take the California road sign quiz as many times as you need. Each quiz will be slightly different.

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