U.K. Challenge with Most Difficult Traffic Signs

UK Most Difficult Signs



Do you want to try another British traffic signs quiz?

U.K. Traffic Signs

Do you want to try another British traffic signs quiz?

U.K. Traffic Signs

#1. This traffic sign means:

Mandatory contra-flow pedal cycle lane (the upward arrows indicate the number of traffic lanes available).


#2. This sign usually marks:

No entry for vehicular traffic, including pedal cycles (usually indicates the end of a one-way road where all traffic is travelling in the other direction)


#3. This sign prohibits:

The sign prohibits the use of a road by motor vehicles.


#4. This sign means:

Road narrows on both sides.

Road narrows signs give warning that the existing carriageway width becomes restricted. Signs may supplemented by a single traffic fileplate.


#5. What does this warning sign mean?

This sign is used in advance of open railway level crossings which have neither gates nor barriers.


#6. What does this sign mean?

The Ford sign is used at all fords, even those which dry up in summer. It is placed at the entry to the road leading to the ford.

Where a road is subjected to frequent flooding, the sign may be used with the plate Road liable to flooding.


#7. This traffic sign means:

The sign indicates an alternative route (straight) to take to avoid a low bridge.


#8. What does this traffic sign prohibit?

The sign prohibits the use of a road by motor vehicles except solo motorcycles.


#9. Traffic signs with red circles are used for:

Red rings or circles tell you what you are not allowed to do.


#10. What does this traffic sign mean?

Mandatory with-flow pedal cycle lane ahead. Additional plate may show hours of operation.””


Most Difficult U.K. Road Signs


Difficult Traffic Signs Quiz Challenge

Think you can drive and know all British traffic signs? Challenge yourself with this quick quiz.

Knowing traffic signs is essential for your Driving Licence test and some of them will appear in the official theory exam. Knowing them is also essential for your safety on British roads. Too many accidents happen because drivers don’t pay enough attention to signs and signals, or simply don’t know the meaning of them.

Take on the challenge and make sure you can ace this test! It will help to keep you safe on the road.

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