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Do you want to try another road sign quiz?

Another U.S. Road sign quiz

Do you want to try another road sign quiz?

Another U.S. Road sign quiz

#1. When you see this sign, you must:

This sign is used on multiple-lane roadways to reduce unnecessary weaving and when there is a tendency on the part of the motorist to drive in the left-hand lane (or lanes) below the normal speed of traffic.


#2. Which lane is marked as unavailable or closed from your direction?

Lane-use control signals are special signals posted by the side of the road or overhead. They indicate whether you should or should not drive in a specific lane. A green arrow means you can use the lane. A red X means you cannot. A flashing yellow X means the lane is only for turning. A steady yellow X means that the use of the lane is changing and you should move out of it when it is safe to do so.


#3. This road sign means:

Lane Use. You can turn left or go straight through.


#4. When you see a sign with this shape and color, you must:

An eight-sided sign with red background is a stop sign. You must make a complete stop and yield the right-of-way to other vehicles and pedestrians. You may not proceed until it is safe to do so. Make sure the way is clear. You must be able to completely pass through the intersection. Remember to learn the meaning of shapes and colors if you are studying for your DMV test.


#5. This sign means:

This sign means that the road you are on intersects with a divided highway. You may proceed straight, but at the first roadway, you can only turn right, and at the second roadway, you can only turn left.


#6. This red and white sign means:

A square sign with a white horizontal line inside a red ball means you cannot enter. You will see this sign at road way openings that you should not enter, such as exit ramps where you would be going in the wrong direction, crossovers on divided roadways, and at numerous locations on one-way streets. Remember, the sign is square, it is not circular!


#7. When you see this road sign, you must:

Keep Right. This sign tells you where to drive when you approach traffic islands, medians or other obstructions in the middle of the roadway. You must drive to the side showed by the arrow.


#8. This sign is:

This is a regulatory Speed Limit sign. It shows the minimum speed you are allowed to travel.


#9. This white sign means you must not pass other vehicles:

Do not pass. You must not pass any vehicles going in the same direction as you are while you are in this area. Passing signs tell you where it is safe to pass another vehicle and where you cannot. Passing areas are based on how far you can see ahead. Where it is permitted to pass, you may do so only if it is safe.


#10. What does this sign mean?

This is a regulatory No Parking sign. It means that parking is not allowed at any time.


U.S. Road Sign Quiz about Signs that Show Regulations


Regulatory Signs Tell You What You Must or Must NOT Do

Regulatory signs are perhaps the most important signs on the highway. They tell yo what you must or must not do. If you disobey a regulatory sign, you are breaking the law and may be fined.

To keep yourself and others safe, learn all regulatory signs for your DMV test.

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