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Which is a synonym for enigmatic?

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Which of the following is a synonym for illusion?

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What does abrogate mean?

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What is dyslexia?

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Being defunct is the same as:

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What are fetters?

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A deltiologistis someone who is particularly fond of:

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A cineast is someone who is particularly fond of:

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If something happens semimonthly, it happens:

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Which of the following is a synonym for earn?

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This quiz with difficult words


Difficult Vocabulary Quiz

Is your English vocabulary good? Here is a chance to test your vocabulary with this challenging language quiz!

Less than 5 percent get all the words right. Can you do better?

Remember, this is a hard quiz for both native English speakers and non-native speakers. You should not feel put down if you don’t reach a top score. Most people get five out of 10 words correct.

How Many Words are There in the English Language?

170,000 – 180,000 English words are in use. An adult native English speaker has a vocabulary of 20,000 – 30,000 terms.

That leaves a hole of 150,000 words that most individuals don’t use or may not understand.

Learning words and grammar is a wise investment for anyone wanting to succeed in their work. wants to make learning fun and engaging with different quizzes.

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