Famous Landmarks in Europe

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Which city is this?

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What is Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral in France famous for?

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Which building in Istanbul is known to have been both a basilica and a mosque?

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Where in Dublin can you see the famous 'Book of Kells'?

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What is the name of the bridge?

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What famous attraction is this?

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Where is this statue?

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In which city is this building?

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In which country is the city of Ronda?

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In which country are these ancient remains?

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In which city is the Széchenyi Chain Bridge?

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What famous rock formation consists of these thousands of basalt columns?

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Where is this building?

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Where is this castle located?

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What is the name of the Norwegian fjord where you can see "Seven Sisters Falls"?

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European Landmarks


Famous Landmarks – Europe

Europe is known for its rich history and diverse cultural heritage. From impressive museums and magnificent churches to spectacular natural phenomena and ancient ruins, the continent offers a wide array of iconic places. In this quiz, you can test your knowledge of some of Europe’s most famous landmarks and attractions.

The quiz consists of fifteen questions about landmarks and attractions in Europe, most of which are familiar travel destinations. The difficulty level is easy to medium for those living in Europe, but a bit harder for those who have not yet visited Europe.

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