Massachusetts RMV Alcohol Awareness Test

Alcohol awareness test for Massachusetts driver's license

Massachusetts Alcohol Awareness Test

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What is the penalty for those under 21 who buy or try to buy alcohol?

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How is alcohol processed in the body?

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What does BAC measure?

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How long must you use an Ignition Interlock Device if you get a hardship license?

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Your BAC primarily depends on factors like:

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What is the consequence of having a BAC above the legal limit or refusing a chemical test?

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Which combination significantly increases the risk of a motor vehicle crash?

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What are the penalties for driving under the influence of drugs?

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What does alcohol do to your reflexes and judgment?

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If you refuse a breathalyzer or blood test, a police officer must:

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How long is the license suspension for drivers under age 21 caught with a BAC as low as 0.02 while driving?

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What is the consequence of drinking alcohol while driving or having an open alcoholic drink inside your vehicle?

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What is the legal BAC limit for adult drivers in Massachusetts?

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What is the requirement for drivers with two or more operating under the influence offenses who are eligible for license reinstatement?

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What is the best option if you plan on drinking alcohol and need to get home safely?

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MA Alcohol Awareness – Quiz Questions and Answers


Alcohol Awareness for Your Safety

The most common risk young people take when drinking alcohol is having an accident. That is why Massachusetts RMV and other states focus on alcohol awareness in their written knowledge tests for permits and driver’s licenses.

When you drink, alcohol passes through your stomach and absorbs into the bloodstream. It quickly affects the nervous system and signals in the brain.

Alcohol is a depressant. It slows down sensory perception, judgment, and coordination. In other words, alcohol affects what you see, think and feel, and react.

How much effect alcohol has on the body depends on the alcohol concentration in your blood, which is why Massachusetts has set legal BAC levels.

For your RMV knowledge test, you must know the legal BAC levels in Massachusetts. It is a good idea also to understand the consequences of drinking and driving, including the implied consent law and what happens if you refuse a chemical test.

Take this quiz to check your current knowledge. It has 15 questions, and you get a “passing score” with 12 correct answers.

Everything you need to learn about alcohol laws in Massachusetts is found in the MA Driver’s Manual .

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