The Oscars – Best Actor Awards – Film Quiz

The Oscars - Best Actor Awards

Oscars - Best Actor Awards

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Who received the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in The Color of Money (1986)?

The Color of Money

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In 2007, Forest Whitaker won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as this brutal Ugandan dictator:

Forest Whitaker

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For which film did Leonardo DiCaprio win his first Best Actor Award?

Leonardo DiCaprio

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Who won an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his performance in Hamlet at the 21st Academy Awards in 1949?

Hamlet 1949

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Who plays the role of Dr. Hannibal Lecter in the award-winning The Silence of the Lambs (1991)?

Silence of the lambs

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In 2009, Sean Penn won the Best Actor Award for his role in this film:

Sean Penn

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In 1961, Peter Ustinov got an Oscar for his role as Batiatus in:

Peter Ustinov

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Which American actor appeared in most movies before winning an Oscar for Best Actor?

Hangman's House (1928)

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Who received an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in Boys Town in 1939?

Boys Town 1939

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Jack Nicholson has been awarded an Oscar for his role in which of these films?

Jack Nicholson

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This Best Actor Awards Quiz


Best Actor Award

The Academy Awards, fondly known as the Oscars, stand as the pinnacle of recognition in cinema. Among the coveted accolades bestowed upon exceptional talents, the Best Actor award holds a special place, honoring the finest performances by male actors.

The Early Years

Awards ceremony in 1929 saw the Best Actor award presented to Emil Jannings for his performances in two silent films, “The Last Command” and “The Way of All Flesh.” Emil Jannings is easy to remember, only if you are a real movie buff.

Over the next decade, luminaries such as Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, and Paul Muni left an indelible mark with their commanding portrayals of complex characters, capturing the essence of the tumultuous era marked by the Great Depression and the onset of World War II.

Golden Age of Hollywood: 1941-1960

The post-war period has often been called the Golden Age of Hollywood, a time of creativity and innovation in filmmaking. During this period, iconic figures like Humphrey Bogart, Marlon Brando, and Gregory Peck graced the silver screen, delivering unforgettable performances that transcended generations. From Bogart’s memorable role as Rick Blaine in “Casablanca” to Brando’s groundbreaking portrayal of Stanley Kowalski in “A Streetcar Named Desire,” these actors redefined the art of acting, leaving an indelible imprint on cinematic history.

Cultural Shifts: 1961-1980

As the 1960s ushered in an era of social and cultural upheaval, the Best Actor award reflected the changing landscape of cinema. From Sidney Poitier’s historic win for “Lilies of the Field,” making him the first African American to win the award, to Dustin Hoffman’s transformative performance in “Midnight Cowboy,” actors pushed boundaries and challenged conventions, paving the way for greater diversity and representation on screen.

Sidney Poitier in Lilies of the Field and Dustin Hoffman's Midnight Cowboy.


In recent decades, the Best Actor category has witnessed diverse talents and performances, from Daniel Day-Lewis’s methodical immersion into characters like Christy Brown in “My Left Foot” to Denzel Washington’s magnetic presence in “Training Day.” The category has also seen an increasing recognition of international talent, with actors like Roberto Benigni, Javier Bardem, and Anthony Hopkins earning acclaim for their transcendent performances.

How Many Do You Remember?

Perhaps you remember most of these great actors. In this quiz, all have been awarded an Oscar for a leading or supporting role in a memorable movie.

Can you get all of them right?

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