Sunday Super Quiz on April 21, 2024

Questions about Elvis Presley, Geppetto's cat, Mezcal, Kabaddi, and much more ...

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What can you find at the bottom of a bottle of Mezcal?

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The vena amoris is said to be a vein that runs directly to the heart from:

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What country is the origin of the Bahá'í Faith?

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Somebody That I Used to Know is a duet by Kimbra and this singer:

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Which kingdom in the Middle East is ruled by the Sabah dynasty?

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Where is the highway named Alligator Alley?

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What is the name of Geppetto's cat in the movie Pinocchio?

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What type of fruit is Marasca?

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What is the name of Carl Lewis' sister, who also competed in the long jump and participated in two Olympic Games?

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In ancient Egypt, killing this sacred animal was punishable by death:

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What is the name of the white owl that is Harry Potter's pet?

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In which city did Elvis Presley get married in 1967?

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Which neurotoxin is used in medicine to treat wrinkles?

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What does an angiogram show?

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In which country is Kabaddi a national sport?

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Sunday Super Quiz

Sunday Quiz
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The Sunday Challenge April 21, 2024

This Sunday quiz has questions about Elvis Presley, Geppetto’s cat, Mezcal, Kabaddi, and much more …

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