Sunday Super Quiz on May 5, 2024

Sunday Quiz May 5

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Who had a 1965 hit with the song It's Not Unusual?

Listening to music, earphones

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What is the name of the cartoon character Tintin's dog?

Tin Tin

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Where is the superhero Wonder Woman from?

Wonder Woman

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Who among these fictional characters is the famous barber of Seville?

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Mother Teresa was born in this European city:

Mother Teresa

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What color is béchamel sauce?


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What was Coco Chanel's real first name?

coco chanel

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How many meters from the basket is the three-point line in basketball?

Basketball hoop

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Ilsa Lund Laszlo is a character in which classic movie from 1942?

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What is this called?

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How many points does a touchdown score in American football?

American football

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Which country ruled the Philippines for over 300 years until its independence in 1898?

Banaue, Philippines

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How many instruments or vocal parts make up a nonet?

Dirigent, taktpinne

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Who painted Girl with a Pearl Earring?

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What is Brioche?


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Sunday Super Quiz

Sunday Quiz
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The Sunday Challenge May 5, 2024

This Sunday quiz has questions about famous women like Mother Teresa, Coco Chanel, the superhero Wonder Woman, the film character Ilsa Lund Laszlo, and much more.

About the Sunday Quiz

The Sunday quiz is a general knowledge quiz on various topics, updated weekly.

Rest assured, the quiz questions have been verified and are current at the time of publication. However, we acknowledge that some facts, such as records, awards, and the like, may change over time. If you spot such an error at a later time, please report it, and we will promptly update the question.

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