Trivia Quiz Challenge – What Happened First?

What happened first

Timeline Quiz - What Happened First?

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Who won the first FIFA World Cup?

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Which environmental legislation did the U.S. enact first?

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What blockbuster film was released first?

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Which space mission occurred first?

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Who won the Nobel Peace Prize first?

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Who was the first to break the 10-second barrier at 100 m sprint?

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Who hosted the Oscars ceremony first?

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Who won the first Grammy Award for Album of the Year?

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Which music album was released first?

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What happened first?

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What landmark event occurred first?

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Which country hosted the Olympic Games first?

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Who released their debut solo album first?

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Which sports legend retired first?

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Who became the President of the United States first?

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What musical genre gained popularity first?

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Who won the first season of "American Idol"?

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Who became Britain's Prime Minister first?

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What blockbuster film was released first?

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Who is older?

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What Happened First?


What Happened First” Trivia Challenge

Welcome to the “What Happened First” Trivia Challenge!

In this quiz, we’ll be take a journey through history of important events, politics, entertainment, and culture.

The quiz tests your knowledge of events that have shaped the world from 1960 to 2021. Get ready to embark on a chronological adventure where the question is simple: Which of two notable occurrences came first?

Buckle up and prepare to answer questions like “Who won the Nobel Peace Prize first?” or “What blockbuster film was released before the other?” Are you ready to put your historical instincts to the test and determine what happened first?

Let the trivia journey begin!

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