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Wine of Kings and Queens

Tokaji wines, often referred to as the “Wine of Kings and Queens,” are among the world’s oldest and most renowned sweet wine varieties. Originating from the Tokaj-Hegyalja region in northeastern Hungary (and parts of Slovakia), these wines boast a rich history that dates back to the 16th century. Tokaji wines have achieved an almost mythical status due to their unique production process, distinct taste profiles, and their ability to age gracefully.


The unique terroir of the Tokaj region, with its volcanic soils and the special microclimate that promotes the development of “Botrytis cinerea” (noble rot), is crucial for the production of Tokaji wine. Noble rot causes the grapes to dry and concentrate their sugars and acids, creating the fundamental conditions for the complex taste of the wines. Historically, they have been highly valued by the aristocracy across Europe, including the French royal family and the Russian tsar.

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Distribution and Popularity

The reputation of Tokaji wines has led to their global spread and appreciation, though their popularity has fluctuated over time. After a decline in the 20th century due to political upheavals in the region, Tokaji wines have regained international attention. Modernization of wine production techniques and investments have helped to elevate the quality and marketing of these wines on the global market.

Taste Profile

Compared to other wines, Tokaji wines stand out through their rich, complex, and well-balanced taste profile. They are known for flavors of dried fruit, honey, saffron, and sometimes nuts or spices, depending on the wine’s age and type. Tokaji Aszú, the most famous sweet wine expression from the region, is classified according to the amount of botrytized grapes (measured in “puttonyos”), which directly affects the sweetness and complexity of the wine. Compared to other sweet wines like Sauternes or ice wine, Tokaji wines tend to have a unique balance of sweetness and acidity, giving them a lingering, clean aftertaste.
Well-known Brands

Among the most prominent producers of Tokaji wine are:

  • Tokaj Oremus: Owned by the famous Spanish wine producer Vega Sicilia, this winery is known for its high-quality Aszú wines.
  • Royal Tokaji Wine Company: Founded in the late 1980s by a group of investors including the renowned wine expert Hugh Johnson, this producer played a key role in the modernization of Tokaji wines.
  • Disznókő: Owned by AXA Millésimes, Disznókő is known for its innovation in wine production and contributes to the modern reputation of the region.
  • Chateau Dereszla: With a history dating back to the 15th century, this winery produces some of the most appreciated traditional Tokaji wines.


Tokaji wines continue to fascinate wine lovers worldwide with their unique taste profile and historical significance. Their ability to blend tradition with modernity makes them timeless classics in the world of wine.

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