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Europe Flag Quiz


Flag Quiz Europe – Guess the National Flag

Identifying some of Europe’s well-known country flags is challenging for most students and adults. It is easy to mix up some of them, like Slovenia and Slovakia, unless you are from any of these countries. The flags of the Netherlands and Luxembourg differ only in proportion and the tint of blue used.

This quiz features ten different national flags from European countries. Can you match them with the correct country? The average result on a quiz like this is just above seven correct answers.

You can master this flag quiz if you know and recognize the design of all 40+ European national flags.

What are National Flags?

Many national flags originate from military standards or maritime flags. Many countries adopted a national flag during the 19th and early 20th centuries in Europe. Countries sometimes base them on older war flags, like the flag of Denmark from 1748, which has a 14th-century design. The Danish flag is considered the oldest national flag still in use.

The purpose of a national flag is to represent and symbolize its nation. It is mainly flown for official purposes and is often used during festivities and celebrations.

A civil flag is a version of the national flag flown by civilians on non-government installations or craft. Civil flags were more common in the past, denoting buildings or ships not staffed by the military.

Design of National Flags?

The characteristic flag of Switzerland, which was adopted in 1889, is based on medieval war flags. The flag is one of only two national flags that are exact squares.

Horizontal or vertical tricolor flags became especially popular in Europe, with countries like Ireland, France, the Netherlands, and Italy designing banners with fields of three colors, where red, white, and blue are most common.

Other standard designs on flags include crosses, stripes, and divisions of the surface in quarters—patterns.

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