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History Quiz – 20th Century

Quizagogo - 20th Century History Quiz

# 1: Which dictator came to power in 1933?

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Adolf Hitler was chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and leader of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of the German Reich, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939 .

# 2: The Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe was passed into US law in 1948 by:

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Harry S. Truman was the 33rd President of the United States of America between 1945 and 1953. Under Truman, the U.S. successfully concluded World War II. He assisted in the founding of the United Nations, issued the Truman Doctrine to contain communism, and passed the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe.

# 3: What was opened in 1914 to allow a quicker passage from Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean?

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The Panama Canal is a ship canal in Panama that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. The canal officially opened on August 15, 1914.

# 4: Which annual event was first celebrated in 1970?

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Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day now events in more than 193 countries.

# 5: Who was President in United States during the September 11 attacks?

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The September 11 attacks (also referred to as 9/11) were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks on the United States on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. George W. Bush served as the 43rd President of the United States at the time (2001 to 2009).

# 6: Titanic sank on her maiden voyage from Southampton to:

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Titanic was a British passenger ship that sank in the Atlantic Ocean after colliding with an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southampton, UK to New York City, US.

# 7: The Invasion of Normandy during World War II was which year?

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D-Day, the date of the initial assaults, was Tuesday 6 June 1944. By 4 July one million men had been landed in Normandy. The invasion was a significant turning point in the war.

# 8: From 1976 to 1979, Pol Pot served as the Prime Minister of which country?

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Pol Pot was a Cambodian communist revolutionary and politician. From 1976 to 1979, he served as the Prime Minister of Democratic Kampuchea.

# 9: What archipelago was the focus of an armed conflict between the United Kingdom and Argentina in 1982?

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The Falklands War was a ten-week war between Argentina and the United Kingdom in 1982.

# 10: Which disease became a pandemic in 2009?

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On June 11, 2009, the World Health Organization raised the worldwide pandemic alert level to Phase 6 for swine flu, which is the highest alert level. It meant that the swine flu had spread worldwide and there were cases of people with the virus in most countries.



Try This 20th Century History Quiz

The 100-year span from 1900 to 1999 had important shifts in culture, technology, politics, and economics.

Many political leaders made important imprints during this century. Dictators came to power in several countries, even in the western world.

How many of them do you remember?

Two world wars were fought in the 20th century. Everyone learned about the disastrous consequences of the nuclear bomb. The Vietnam War engaged a whole generation in the sixties.

Mankind took a giant step into space. Remember who took the first step?

New technologies such as PCs and Internet forever changed the way we live and communicate. Do you remember these inventions and when they were introduced?

Take this 20th-century history quiz now and see how well you can score!

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