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Until 1999, a draw in the FA Cup final would result in:

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Which English football club is nicknamed the Gunners?

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The Busby Babes was a nickname for a group of players in which club?

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These clubs have won the Premier League, except:

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The only English Premier League Trophy in gold was awarded to which team?

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England's first footballing knight:

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Who was the first English player awarded the FIFA World Cup Golden Ball?

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Which English football team plays its home games at Stamford Bridge?

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With a 15-year career without a yellow or red card, he received FIFA Fair Play Award in 1990:

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The Premier League started which year?

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This English Football Quiz


An English Football Quiz for True Fans

How well do you know your English football players? Can you tell where some of the famous football grounds are found?

Do you know your Premier League and FA Cup Winners? This 10-question quiz will truly challenge your knowledge of English football and tell whether you are a real fan.

Learn more about: the English Football League.

A great warm-up for your next pub quiz or quiz night.

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