1970s Music Quiz – Remember These 10 Songs?

1970s Music Quiz

Music Quiz - 1970s

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Listen to the clip. This is a famous 70s hit by:

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Alone Again (Naturally) is a hit by which singer?

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Listen to the clip. This is the intro to which song?

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Listen to the clip. This hit by Manfred Mann's Earth Band was first recorded by:

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Listen to the clip. This cover version of Hooked on a Feeling is by a group from which country?

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Listen to the clip. This is a recording by:

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Listen to the clip. This is a 1977 hit by:

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Listen to the clip. Who is the artist?

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1970s Music Quiz with Song Snippets


Take the 1970s Music Quiz Challenge

Everything changed in music during the seventies. The Beatles broke up. Psychedelic music focused on love, peace, and understanding declined, and hard and progressive rock emerged. Groups like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Nazareth, and Black Sabbath were the new thing.

Singer-songwriters like John Lennon, Don Mclean, Joni Mitchell, and bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival dominated political pop music.

In the late seventies, political music was to be defined by punk rockers.

New Diversity in the 70s

The big names like the Rolling Stones stopped playing in small clubs and theaters and moved to large venues, like outdoor sports arenas. Shows became costly and more complex with bands like Supertramp, Queen, Journey, and Electric Light Orchestra. Arena Rock was born.

In the aftermath of Sgt. Pepper, themed albums became even more popular, much credited to bands like Pink Floyd and the Kinks.

Overall, 70s was a decade of new diversity. Bee Gees moved away from pop ballads to disco music. Their new disco style is what we remember best from this decade. Funk also became one of the most popular genres of music in the 1970s.

Glam rock was a new and short-lived genre in the 70s, dominated by artists like David Bowie, Marc Bolan & T. Rex, and Gary Glitter.

In 1975, Bob Marley had his international breakthrough, and reggae spread worldwide.

This quiz takes you back to popular songs from this decade. If you were young in the seventies, you probably remember all of them.

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