Music Quiz – Classic Hits from 1960s

Music Quiz - 1960s - Quiz-A-Go-Go

# 1: This is a sixties hit by:

This is A World Without Love, was recorded by the English duo Peter and Gordon. It was their first single and written by Paul McCartney. It topped the charts in both United Kingdom and United States.

# 2: Who is the artist?

This is a snippet from Let's Dance, a 1962 hit-single by Chris Montez, written and produced by Jim Lee.

# 3: What is the title of this song?

This is Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)?, a song by the British singer-songwriter Peter Sarstedt. It was released in 1969 and became a number-one 1 hit in the UK Singles Chart. It didn't do as well in United States.

# 4: In 1961, this song topped the charts in Australia for 6 weeks. Who is the artist?

Runaway is a song made famous by Del Shannon in 1961. It topped the charts in Australia, United Kingdom, United States, and many other countries.

# 5: This is a 1967 hit by which band?

This is The Letter, a song written by Wayne Carson that was first recorded by the American rock band the Box Tops in 1967.

# 6: What is the title of this song?

This is Everybody's Somebody's Fool. It was a #1 hit for Connie Francis in United States and Australia. It was also a No. 1 hit in Norway for eight weeks. It peaked at No. 5 in United Kingdom.

# 7: This intro is recorded by:

This id Going Up the Country (also Goin' Up the Country), a song by the American blues-rock group Canned Heat.

# 8: What is the name of this group?

This is Baby, Come Back. It is a 1966 recording by The Equals. The single topped the charts in U.K. and Belgium. It went to No. 9 in Canada and No. 11 in Australia.

# 9: Play the clip – who is the artist?

This is Lucky Lips. It was originally recorded by Ruth Brown in 1957, and was successfully covered by Cliff Richard in 1963. Cliff's version peaked at No. 4 in Great Britain, but topped the charts in many other European countries.

# 10: Listen to the clip. What is the name of the group?

This is Reach Out I'll Be There, a 1966 song recorded by the Four Tops and released on the Motown label. One of many songs written and composed by Holland-Dozier-Holland. It peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, and stayed at the top for two weeks. It also reached number one on the UK Singles Chart.



Note: music continues until you start another snippet (even if you move to another question!)

Remember These Classic Hits from the Sixties?

It may have started already in the fifties with Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, and Rock ‘n’ Roll, but the sixties was a decade of music that changed the world. Like never before, music influenced fashion, art, ideas, politics, and the way people lived.

In England, The Beatles created a new musical style that spread like a wildfire. Thousands of new bands followed in their footsteps. After a few years, endless music creativity transformed the mainstream pop music. Artists like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Velvet Underground, all varied in style. There was something for everyone.

Most of this music still lives on.

Now, take this quiz and see if you remember these classic hits!

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