Music Quiz with Modern Pop Hits – Remember Them?

Music Quiz - Modern Pop Hits @quizagogo

# 1: Play the song – this is a recording by which artist?

Don't is a song recorded by English singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, for his second studio album. It peaked at No. 9 on Billboard Hot 100 and at No. 8 on UK singles charts.

# 2: This song is recorded by which artist?

The Time of My Life is the debut single for the winner of the seventh season of American Idol, David Cook. It peaked at No. 3 on Billboard Hot 100 and at No. 2 in Canada.

# 3: A Sky Full of Stars is a song recorded by:

A Sky Full of Stars is a song recorded by British alternative rock band Coldplay. It peaked at No. 10 on US Billboard Hot 100 and No. 9 on UK Singles Charts.

# 4: Play the clip. This is the intro to which song?

The One That Got Away is a song by Katy Perry. It peaked at number three on Billboard 100 first week in 2012.

# 5: Play the song – who is the artist?

This is Work, a song recorded by Rihanna for her eighth studio album, Anti (2016). Featuring guest vocals from Canadian rapper Drake. It topped the charts in 2016.

# 6: What is the title of this song?

All of Me is a song by American recording artist John Legend. It peaked at number one in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and United States.

# 7: Play the clip. This artist is from which country?

All About That Bass is the debut single by American singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor. Born and raised in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

# 8: This is the intro to which 2009 hit?

Halo is a song by American singer Beyoncé from her third studio album I Am... Sasha Fierce (2008).

# 9: Can you name this artist?

Burn is a song by English singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding from Halcyon Days (2013).

# 10: Play the song snippet – who is the artist?

Love Yourself is a song by Canadian singer Justin Bieber. Release in 2015, it was a major hit in several countries in 2015 and 2016.



Note: music continues until you start another snippet (even if you move to another question!)

Remember These Modern Pop Hits?

Take this quick quiz with some modern pop hits. Play the short snippet above each question and see if you recognize the music. Remember to tap play to make the previous music clip stop – if it is still playing.

This pop quiz has 10 questions (music snippets) and answers.

Average result is 7 correct answers. Can you do better?

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