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#1. What does a sign with this shape mean?

The eight-sided shape is exclusively used for stop signs.


#2. A speed limit sign like this may be placed ahead of what?

Where a mandatory speed limit is imposed at a road works site, advance warning may be given, especially on motorways and high-speed dual carriageway roads.


#3. What does this sign mean?

You must turn left ahead. A sign like this tells you that vehicular traffic must turn ahead in the direction indicated by the arrow.


#4. What are these signs?

Countdown markers may be provided on the approach to a level crossing. These divide the distance between the advance warning sign and the stop line into three equal parts. Unlike the countdown markers on the approach to a junction, the bars do not represent intervals of 100 yards, as the warning sign will usually be less than 300 yards from the crossing.


#5. What does this sign mean?

Water course alongside road.


#6. What does this sign mean?

Shared route for pedal cycles and pedestrians.


#7. What does this sign prohibit?

No overtaking. The sign is used where forward visibility makes overtaking hazardous and the prohibition is not dealt with by double white lines. No overtaking signs might also be used at road works.


#8. What does this sign mean?

Crossroads sign. Take extra care at road junctions. Make sure there are no vehicles about to cross your path.


#9. If you have been forced to drive through water, what is the first thing you should do afterwards?

Going through water will affect your brakes. You should dry them by applying light brake pressure at low speed. Proceed at normal speeds when you are sure your brakes are working properly. A Try your brakes sign is often installed on the exit side of a ford.


#10. What does this sign mean?

Traffic queues likely ahead.


This British Traffic Signs Quiz


Ready for the Random British Traffic Signs Challenge?

In this quiz you’ll get 10 random signs questions from a larger pool of questions and answers. Each time you take the quiz, you will get a new set of questions. You can take the quiz as often as you like.

As a new driver, you should get a good an understanding of how traffic signs are coded. Both shapes and colours are bearer of important signals, all of which could show up as a question on your car theory test. Don’t miss this part in the booklet: “Know Your Traffic Signs“. If you know that circular signs are used to give orders to motorists, triangular signs are used to warn drivers, and rectangular signs provide useful information, then many questions on your car theory test will seem a lot easier.

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