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#1. This sign is placed on a route that has been provided for pedestrians and cyclists and tells you that:

The sign is used where it is required to emphasise that solo motor cycles are not permitted to use a route that has been provided for pedestrians and cyclists.


#2. Which road signs is the eight-sided shape used for?

The eight-sided shape is exclusively used for stop signs.


#3. A temporary lane closure sign like this may be placed ahead of what?

This type of sign is used at road works and other temporary situations. A red bar indicates a lane that is closed ahead.


#4. What does this sign mean?

Junction on a bend ahead. Watch for traffic turning into main carriageway.


#5. Where is this sign placed?

The sign is used only at Zebra crossings.


#6. What does this sign tell you?

Proceed in the direction of the arrow. The sign indicates the only route that may lawfully be taken through a junction. A sign like this may point horizontally to the left or to the right, or vertically upwards.


#7. This sign indicate the entrance to what kind of zone?

The sign marks entrance to controlled parking zone.


#8. What does this sign mean?

Sharp deviation of route to the left. The chevron sign is often used on roundabouts to face traffic on each approach and elsewhere to denote sharp changes in the direction of a road.


#9. What does this sign mean?

The falling or fallen rocks sign is used where there is a danger of rocks falling onto a road.


#10. What does this sign mean?

Route recommended for pedal cycles on the main carriageway of a road. This may be marked as an advisory pedal cycle lane. Other vehicles should not use an advisory pedal cycle lane unless it is unavoidable.


This British Traffic Signs Quiz


Ready for the Random British Traffic Signs Challenge?

In this quiz you’ll get 10 random signs questions from a larger pool of questions and answers. Each time you take the quiz, you will get a new set of questions. You can take the quiz as often as you like.

As a new driver, you should get a good an understanding of how traffic signs are coded. Both shapes and colours are bearer of important signals, all of which could show up as a question on your car theory test. Don’t miss this part in the booklet: “Know Your Traffic Signs“. If you know that circular signs are used to give orders to motorists, triangular signs are used to warn drivers, and rectangular signs provide useful information, then many questions on your car theory test will seem a lot easier.

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