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UK random traffic signs quiz



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#1. What does this sign mean?

The sign prohibits the use of a road by motor vehicles.


#2. What does this sign tell you?

The pass either side sign is used on traffic islands, usually situated in one-way roads. Drivers may pass either side of the sign to reach the same destination immediately beyond.


#3. What does this warning sign mean?

Long low vehicles may be at risk of grounding.


#4. What does this sign mean?

Roundabout ahead. The roundabout warning sign is used only for true roundabouts. Slow down and be prepared to give way.


#5. What does this sign mean?

Shared route for pedal cycles and pedestrians.


#6. What does this sign mean?

The side winds sign is used where vehicles are suddenly exposed to risk from strong winds. Such locations may include exposed bridges or places where vehicles emerge from cuttings in areas which are particularly prone to high winds.


#7. You approach this sign partly covered by snow. What does it mean?

This is the shape and colour of a stop sign. You must stop behind the line at a junction with a stop sign and a solid white line across the road. Wait for a safe gap in the traffic before you proceed.


#8. If you have been forced to drive through water, what is the first thing you should do afterwards?

Going through water will affect your brakes. You should dry them by applying light brake pressure at low speed. Proceed at normal speeds when you are sure your brakes are working properly. A Try your brakes sign is often installed on the exit side of a ford.


#9. What does this sign mean?

Accompanied horses or ponies likely to be in the road.


#10. What is the standard colour for junction signs on the motorway?

Blue is used for information signs and for direction signs on motorways.


This British Traffic Signs Quiz


Ready for the Random British Traffic Signs Challenge?

In this quiz you’ll get 10 random signs questions from a larger pool of questions and answers. Each time you take the quiz, you will get a new set of questions. You can take the quiz as often as you like.

As a new driver, you should get a good an understanding of how traffic signs are coded. Both shapes and colours are bearer of important signals, all of which could show up as a question on your car theory test. Don’t miss this part in the booklet: “Know Your Traffic Signs“. If you know that circular signs are used to give orders to motorists, triangular signs are used to warn drivers, and rectangular signs provide useful information, then many questions on your car theory test will seem a lot easier.

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