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#1. What is the standard colour on an instruction sign like this?

Blue circles are generally used for positive (mandatory) instructions. They may also indicates a route for use only by particular classes of vehicle.


#2. What does this sign mean?

No through road except for pedal cycles.


#3. A temporary lane closure sign like this may be placed ahead of what?

This type of sign is used at road works and other temporary situations. A red bar indicates a lane that is closed ahead.


#4. This sign prohibits goods vehicles over a certain:

Prohibition of goods vehicles exceeding the maximum gross weight indicated (7.5 tonnes).


#5. What does a sign or symbol like this mark?

Where, in an emergency, it is necessary to close a section of motorway or other main road to traffic, a temporary sign may advise drivers to follow a diversion route. To help drivers navigate the route, black symbols on yellow patches may be permanently displayed on existing direction signs, including motorway signs. On all-purpose roads, the symbols may be used on separate signs with yellow backgrounds.


#6. What does this sign mean?

Traffic queues likely ahead.


#7. Unless a different speed limit is signed, this sign marks the start of what?

This sign marks the start of motorway regulations, including the national speed limit (unless a different speed limit is signed).


#8. Which is the background colour on signs indicating hospitals without accident and emergency facilities?

Hospitals without accident and emergency facilities are indicated by blue signs.


#9. What does this sign mark?

Tourist destinations may be shown on separate signs with brown backgrounds, or on brown panels incorporated into other direction signs.


#10. What does this sign mean?

Quayside or river bank.


This British Traffic Signs Quiz


Ready for the Random British Traffic Signs Challenge?

In this quiz you’ll get 10 random signs questions from a larger pool of questions and answers. Each time you take the quiz, you will get a new set of questions. You can take the quiz as often as you like.

As a new driver, you should get a good an understanding of how traffic signs are coded. Both shapes and colours are bearer of important signals, all of which could show up as a question on your car theory test. Don’t miss this part in the booklet: “Know Your Traffic Signs“. If you know that circular signs are used to give orders to motorists, triangular signs are used to warn drivers, and rectangular signs provide useful information, then many questions on your car theory test will seem a lot easier.

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