Sixties Quiz – Match Song Titles with The Correct Artists

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Sixties Quiz - Match Song Titles

Match Song Titles with The Correct Artists

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Walk Like a Man

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Saved by the Bell

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Wichita Lineman

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Bus Stop

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Fortunate Son

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A World Without Love

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I Second That Emotion

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Green Tambourine

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Bits and Pieces

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Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

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Sixties Music Quiz -Match Song Titles and Artists


Can You Match the Song Titles with the Artists?

This quiz gives you ten classic song titles from the 1960s; your task is to match the title with the correct artist or artists.

Most songs were international hits and reached No. 1 on the music charts.

The quiz is easy enough for the 1960s music fan but not so easy for the younger generation.

Examples of Song Titles

  • Bus Stop
  • Green River
  • Bits and Pieces
  • A World Without Love
  • Saved by the Bell
  • I Second That Emotion
  • We Gotta Get out of This Place
  • Walk Like a Man
  • Green Tambourine

Note: Your interactive quiz does not necessarily have the same song titles!

Ultimate60s Quiz

This quiz was originally published as an “easy 1960s quiz” by Utimate60s, a website discontinued in 2021. The average score on the quiz was less than seven correct answers. Can you do better?

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